A Guide to the Best Scrub Brands of 2022

Why wear scrubs in old brands when you can step with a new one?

While it’s easy to fall into the routine of using what you know to be cheapest, we should consider the quality of our work in cost. What are you willing to sacrifice in productivity to save money on laundry?

Never sacrifice any potential of quality and safety by opening your hearts to these professional uniform scrub brands! Read this article to see how these new brands would serve you well!


Figs are a revolutionary new professional uniform line, designed to provide stylistic freedom while keeping health and safety in mind. They come in a range of colors and fabrics that are soft against the skin and comfortable to wear all day.

They also come with stain and odor resistant technology, so you can look your best and stay clean in the workplace. The 2022 Figs provide a sturdy and durable fabric, so you can be sure the professional-looking uniform will sustain daily wear and tear. Their breathable material also provides extra comfort while in the office or out in the field.

The fashionable look ensures that you look as professional and stylish as ever, yet it still allows you to fully move and work with ease and flexibility. Overall, Figs provide a balance between professional appearance and health-conscious design, allowing for maximum workplace efficiency. This is why 2022 Figs is quickly becoming the go-to professional uniform brand.

Healing Hands

In 2022, Healing Hands is proud to be a leader in the professional uniform scrub market. Their brand has remained dedicated to helping medics and nurses look:

  • professional
  • comfortable
  • presentable

Their groundbreaking designs feature contemporary:

  • patterned trends
  • quality fabrics
  • technical detailing

All these allow for a perfect fit and complete freedom of movement. They strive to create unique and fashionable products from colorful tunics and neutral vests to premier tailored scrub designs. At Healing Hands, they understand how both comfort and professionalism can improve the quality of work for medical personnel.

They believe each professional’s needs are unique and will work with them to personalize their uniform and fit their style. With Healing Hands, you can rest assured that you have a professional uniform scrub that will look and feel great.


A professional uniform scrub brand of 2022 Wonderwink creates superior quality medical uniforms for:

  • nursing
  • healthcare
  • medical professionals

The innovative designs, technologies, and materials used provide items with superior durability, comfort, and style. With added sanitary and functional benefits, these uniforms are an investment for those in the medical profession.

The superior quality fabrics coupled with stylish designs produce uniforms with superior fit and style. The breathable and stretchable materials, adjustable drawstrings, and three-pocket design all ensure a comfortable and professional fit every time.

In addition, the fabrics are easy to clean and care for. This makes them a wonderful choice for medical professionals. Wonderwink has created an amazing uniform scrub brand for 2022 that is sure to become the new standard.


Dickies is next-generation medical apparel. They are focused on providing healthcare professionals with the highest quality scrubs available. They combine a sleek design with durable fabrics and are comfortable. This fits to create a professional look and feel without sacrificing comfort.

All scrubs from 2022 Dickies are designed with a focus on breathability and performance. This is by using fabric technologies such as X-Static and CompWeave to provide enhanced:

  • stretch
  • durability
  • moisture-wicking properties

In addition, the brand offers a variety of:

  • colors
  • prints
  • styles

All are designed to suit any profession. This allows for customization to better meet individual needs. Overall, the 2022 Dickies Professional Uniform Scrub Brand allows healthcare professionals to look professional and feel confident without sacrificing comfortability, a winning combination for long shifts in the field.

Grey’s Anatomy

Greys Anatomy uniform scrub sets are designed with the modern medical professional in mind. Professional and comfortable, these medical uniforms are designed to stand up to the daily demands of today’s medical professionals.

The material is a soft and stretchy polyester-spandex blend, and the set includes luxurious scrub tops and pants, and a matching head cap. The design allows for a snug fit. This achieves the ultimate flexibility to move freely during medical procedures.

Greys Anatomy sets come in a variety of colors and styles. These of which come with features like:

  • vented hems
  • side pockets
  • ID badge holders

The fabric is treated to resist fading and wrinkling, as well as repel and release stains. These scrubs also feature a sewn-in side seam, which reduces chafing and adds more support. Greys Anatomy Uniform Scrub Sets are the perfect blend of comfort and style, perfect for the professional medical team of the future in 2022.


Jaanuu is the answer to a modern world where professionalism and style collide to create a stylish and comfortable uniform. These custom-made uniforms are designed to make life easier for the hardworking professionals who wear them. It comes with:

  • flexible fabric
  • custom-fit pattern
  • durable construction

They come available in a variety of colors and materials. These can ensure professionals look their best and stay comfortable throughout the day. Jaanuu also takes into account the needs of the medical and healthcare industry.

This means your uniforms are certified to be free of:

  • harmful dyes
  • stains
  • hazardous materials

Every Jaanuu uniform is made in the USA and is specially designed to maintain its color, shape, and appearance throughout extended use, making it the perfect choice for medical and healthcare professionals who work long days and long hours.

Get the Best Scrub Brands of 2022 and Excel At Work

Using the best scrub brands of 2022 will make all the difference in your work life. Investing a few extra bucks in higher-quality products and clothing can take your career performance to a whole new level. Don’t hesitate to check out what’s new and available! Shop now and excel at work!

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