Top 4 Hacks for Safely Traveling with Fragile and Expensive Items

Your travel experience does not need any added stress. It’s enough to try to pack for your trip without forgetting anything important, make it to the airport on time, and catch your plane. The last thing you need is to wonder if a fragile and expensive item will suffer damage during your travels.

Whether you are carrying electronics like an expensive professional camera or recording equipment, or you’re traveling with a delicate medical or scientific device, here are four hacks to travel with your items safely.

Wrap Adequate Cushion Around Your Item

Sometimes you may not have a choice but to pack everything in your checked bag. In this case, even if your item came with a protective bag, box, or case of some kind, make sure you add enough cushion in your bag around it to give it maximum protection. Whether you use your clothing as a protective surrounding layer, plastic bags, packing paper, or bubble wrap, make sure your item will not have room to slide and bump the sides of your luggage.

That way, even if your suitcase is handled roughly at the airport, you can rest knowing your expensive camera or other equipment is safe and secure.

If your item comes with multiple parts and pieces or has several cords, wrap and protect each piece separately for added protection.

If possible, Carry On Your Fragile Item

If permissible by your airline, it may be safer to carry your fragile or delicate item with you on the plane in your carry on. That way, you can ensure that your item is handled with the care it needs. You will likely still want to wrap it up or carry it in a bag that will give added protection, particularly if you will be putting it up in the overhead storage by your seat on the plane. Make sure you verify that your item can be carried on beforehand so that you don’t have to come up with a last-minute plan to check it in.

Consider Purchasing a Protective Hard Case

One of the surest ways to keep your item protected is to purchase a hard, impact-resistant case that perfectly fits your item. Many companies sell protective cases with a foam lining inside to protect your item. Some of these allow you to customize the foam to fit your specific item. Some cases come with a pressure release valve that may be needed for specific types of equipment that may otherwise be damaged with the changing air pressure in a plane. Do an online search to see if you can find a protective hard case that will fit the needs of your item.

If you plan to carry it on the plane with you, make sure it is an allowable size, and that the case also meets other TSA requirements.

Secure Your Luggage or Carry On With a TSA-Approved Lock

If you are traveling with delicate and expensive equipment, you want to make sure your item will not only be safe from damage but will not be stolen from your bag. However, remember that your bag will need to be unlocked during screening.

That means for your checked bag, it will be essential that you have a TSA-approved lock. If you choose to have a lock for your carry-on that is not TSA approved, you will need to make sure you have it ready and unlocked for screening each time you reach a checkpoint.

Your travel experience does not need to be a stressful one. With these tips, we hope you get where you are going with all your items safely intact.

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