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As per reports, more than 29 million websites track their stats with digital marketing dashboard, making it the most widely-used analytics tool on the web

As per reports, more than 29 million websites track their stats with digital marketing dashboard, making it the most widely-used analytics tool on the web. It is currently providing over 500 unique metrics and dimensions that one can use to dig into every aspect of website traffic and conversions in real-time. With this feature, one can see the big picture of how web analytics are doing, whether goal conversions or most used mobile devices to user experience; everything can be tracked. A custom dashboard allows customizing precisely the information one can see and helps to put the most important KPIs in one place.

Why Should You Be Using a Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboard:

Today every client wants to know more than just the traffic coming on site. The most effective dashboards are known for pulling information from different sources, combining them in one place, and giving insights into your entire marketing funnel, including SEO, social media, eCommerce, and more. The analytics dashboards can also be further customized to show different information to different people at other times. The web development team can see more detail about the traffic coming to the site, while the marketing team can focus on conversion and lead generation.

If you are ready to spend more money on digital marketing, analytics are the main focus and top priority. It’s pretty common and normal to get lost, so the digital and content marketing analytics tools are fantastic time-savers and avenues or platforms to get better insights and results for ventures and enterprises. SEO experts mostly use them right across the globe, and everyone has their favourite tool for analyzing and measuring their content marketing and digital output.  As a venture or enterprise, we are ready to streamline the digital marketing analytics process and then check out our top six digital marketing analytics platforms for your business.

Here is our list of top Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboard:

· Cyfe: This platform offers an all-in-one online business. Cyfe integrates all online marketing analytics in one dashboard, which eventually helps to see all information in one place. With the help of Cyfe, one gets access to real-time reports, historical data, custom data sources such as custom widgets or APIs, etc.

· Mixpanel: One of the most trusted advanced mobile and web analytics platform is Mixpanel. It is known for being simply because an individual does not write about SQL queries. It helps to track actions and also comes with predictive analytics features. Therefore, Mixpanel helps measure and predict what steps other people take on your app, irrespective of being it an iOS, Android or web.

· Moz Pro: This is an SEO analytics performance platform built by industry experts. Interestingly this can be your complete SEO toolset. Moz Pro helps in boosting your online visibility and stay ahead of the competition. The best part is one can trust about getting the highest quality data from the industry leader in SEO metrics that eventually helps find tons of information about everything from link equity to domain authority and ranking.

· Report Garden: ReportGarden makes things easy to group PPC, SEO & Social accounts making everything into one client report. Their motto is to save time, impress clients! They also offer services like creating live dashboards with real-time ads and analytics data that clients can easily access at their convenience. They also help manage keyword rankings and perform SEO audits with simple SEO analysis platforms to drive quality traffic to the client’s website.

· Kissmetrics: Kissmetrics is one of the top digital marketing analytics platforms focused on optimizing marketing tips. Precisely, Kissmetrics helps track, analyze and optimize digital marketing metrics to find more of your best customers and keep your current ones. Kissmetrics helps in making better decisions by analyzing intelligent audience behavior and helping engage with automation.

. Hotjar: This is all-in-one feedback and analytics dashboard, helping truly to understand web and mobile website visitors. It is named Hotjar because of the heatmap benefits the platform offers. The top features of this platform include heatmaps, which helps to see where customers are spending time, clicking, and how they’re interacting with the web and mobile sites

· SEMrushSEMrush:  A competitive analysis tool that allows taking a close look at what the competitors are doing online to adjust strategies in advance to beat them in search rankings is all about SEMrush. A complete marketing toolset by SEMrush helps in monitoring your brand’s social media accounts and more. One of the best features is that they include analytics reports that let an individual see a wealth of information like keyword analysis. There is also a backlink analysis tool offered that helps you know who’s linking to you.


These digital marketing analytics dashboard tools are different from each other. These tools can help busy digital marketers and SEO professionals looking to streamline and improve their processes and results. Interestingly, with the help of these analytics platforms, one can see more insights, save time, and improve outcomes.

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