Handy Tips for a Fun Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip with your friends or family, you probably already know the basics of organizing such an adventure.

But, besides making sure your car is full of gas and your documents are packed, here are a few handy tips that will make your road trip fun and unforgettable.

Handy Tips for a Fun Road Trip

Don’t overschedule

This is the first rule of a good road trip. Delays are an integral part of every road trip, especially if you’re driving for thousands of miles. Expect to miss a turn, get lost looking for a gas station, and run into a few “Road Work Ahead” signs. Having a loose plan is always a great idea, but make sure to be flexible.

Don’t book accommodation too much in advance, don’t push yourself over the limit, and make sure to stop every time you see something interesting and prepare your car for the road trip.

Charge your phone

Sure, regional radio offering is gold wherever you go, but when you get tired of the local vibe, you’ll be thankful for your phone. So, be sure to keep it nice and charged so you can tune into Spotify or iTunes and jam to your fave songs or listen to an interesting podcast.

So, make sure to pack a phone charger that plugs into the car console and you’ll always be powered up. If your car isn’t that advanced, bring a good power bank and keep it close.

Charge your phone

Blast some music

It doesn’t matter if you have all the music available at your fingertips when you have a bust stereo system that doesn’t even reach the back seat. So, if you want to have a fun and successful trip, spend some money on new car audio.

For instance, almost any digital car radio from Strathfield car radios will allow you to play CDs, reproduce from your USB stick and plug in your smartphone. And the sound will not disappoint you either! With a radio like this, your car karaoke will sound much better.

Locals know the best

Sure, Yelp reviews are great, but locals always know better. So, don’t hesitate to politely ask to be directed to a good meal or a fun thing to do and see.

Most people are very warm and welcoming towards travelers (as long as they’re respectful) and are ready to chat and share their knowledge of the area.

Locals know the best

Bring a real map

Google Maps is a great companion on every trip and will always get you where you need to go, but having a physical map to track your progress is so much more fun. Bring a sharpie and trace your route, write on the edges, and mark significant stages of your trip.

Once you get back home, you’ll have an amazing souvenir from your trip you can hang on your wall.

road trip sign road

Travel light

There are things you will need to pack and bring from home, but don’t overpack. Expect to see plenty of authentic sweaters in Finland, amazing wine in Australia, and interesting rugs in Mexico.

It would be a real shame to have to pass up on these great finds just because your trunk is too full. So, travel light, and you’ll always be ready to hit the markets and thrift stores.

Play travel games

No matter how much you try to make your road trip fun, sometimes you’ll just feel a bit bored. So, make sure to have a few games ready to keep you entertained.

For instance, you can do the good old 21 Questions or try something less famous like Degrees of Separation or Alternative Uses. As long as you keep it civil so as not to disturb the driver, you’ll have so much fun.

So, grab your passengers, pack light, and get ready to have a blast on your travel adventure. You’ll come back with countless memories of places, people, sounds, and smells!

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