Happiness Counts

Happiness Counts, Would you say you feel happy? Many people spend a lot of time in trying to find that one thing which will turn them into a happier person. This could be in the form of striving to train for a better job or in thinking that losing those 10 or 20 pounds will make you feel happier. But is this the way you should be thinking?

In fact, you should be thinking in the opposite way! It has been shown that Happiness Fuels Success and it is not Success that Fuels Happiness. By learning to think in a more positive manner you will start to feel more creative, more energetic and more productive when working at home or in the office.

The research to this has been shown in detail in the book ‘The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn Achor.

Shawn explains the importance of learning how to re-program your brain to think in this way. He focuses on encouraging people to use 5 easy steps each day to become more positive. His 5 steps include:

1. Being grateful for 3 things each day
2. Journal about a positive experience
3. Exercising for 15 minutes a day
4. Meditate for 2 minutes each day
5. Do some act of kindness each day such as writing a thank you note or email

Research has shown that your brain functions better when you are happy. By being in a positive state of mind you will be 31% more productive at work and there is a 40% chance that you will get that next promotion.

So from now on start believing that you can make things happy and you will become happier and successful.

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