Hassle-Free Tips to Clean Your House after a Party

When preparing to host a party at your place, most people tend to worry about things like will the food be enough. Will they come? Are the drinks their preference? Is this space okay? And so on. Very few of us get to think about how messed up the house will be and who will do the cleaning. After the guests arrive, that is where the craze begins!

The partying, eating, playing, dancing, drinking, games, and all the catching up that comes with the gathering of long lost friends and relatives.

But as you say your goodbyes and the visitors are leaving, that’s when the reality hits you hard! Spilled food, clutter everywhere, piles of dishes, wine spills, bad air, and perhaps even vomit, the aftermath of a home party can be a real pain in the back. To make it easier and less frustrating for you, here are some tips you can use on how to clean your house after a party.

1- Tackle Some Mess before Going to Bed

You may be too tired, but cleaning up some mess before going to sleep will save you a tad bit of agony the following day. First, leftover food should not stay overnight in the house. Nobody would like to wake up to a stinking apartment in the morning. You can always organize a strategic position where all the leftovers will be thrown away just to make it easy when you need to dispose of them.

Secondly, your carpet and couch will most probably be stained with food, soup, and drink spillages. When you leave them overnight, it will be more difficult to clean. It’s best to work on them as soon as possible to minimize the frustration. If you were using disposable cups and plates, have them disposed of before sleeping.

2- Keep Calm and Clean Your Living Room First

It can be a bit cumbersome, but take a chill pill on your gloves because you don’t know what you will encounter in the course of your cleaning, and getting ready for work. You can put some music just to keep you in the working mood. The living room is where the action went down and will most probably be the messiest of all rooms, so this is where you’ll want to start. Here are some tips to clean your living room.

  • Separate the litter by taking all the dishes to the kitchen and putting all the cans in the recycle bin.
  • Sweep the floor and the carpet to make it easier to vacuum clean. This also means that you’ll need a vacuum cleaner as part of your cleaning arsenal. As the folks at 10masters.org point out, there are various kinds of vacuum cleaners on the market in different brands, sizes, and features. Some are cordless whereas others require attachment to the electric plug. Some are bagged for easy collection of debris and garbage. If you don’t have one, it could be the best time to go shopping. Collect all the nuts, coins, broken glasses, and any small object that might cause blockage to your vacuum cleaner.
  • Find stains and work on them immediately and properly with a stain removal detergent to avoid damaging your furniture or carpet.
  • Counter check to ensure all your electronics are in place and fully functional. In case of any damage, call a technician to fix it before you forget about it.

3- Cleaning the Kitchen

This is literally where all the dirt and mess are dumped, so roll up your sleeves and bring your best game. It will be faster if you do all the work in order:

  • Find all the disposable items and put them in one place, preferably a plastic bag then throw them in the recycle bin at this point, you start seeing some light
  • Collect all the dirty dishes and put them in one place. Put all the food leftovers in one garbage bag, empty the entire half-drunk drinks from the cups, and remove all the grease from the utensils. Soak those that are too greasy in hot water to ease washing.
  • But what can be cleaned in the dishwasher to clean as you do the handwashing?
  • Clean all the kitchen surfaces and leave the floor as is. It will be the last place you clean after you are done with the other rooms.

4- Cleaning the Bathroom and Toilet

What’s a party without vodka, whiskey, and tequila? And who just vomited in the toilet? Did you think cleaning the living room was tough? Welcome to the mess itself! Put on that glove and let’s get to the scrubbing.

  • Get a mop you will dispose of after the whole cleanup and start by cleaning all the solid repugnant substances.
  • Use a disinfectant to clean the toilet surfaces and urine stains. Ensure they are perfumed to keep bad odor away from your toilet.
  • Remove all the hand towels after the party, whether used or not, and give them a good wash then replace them with clean ones.
  • Clean the hand basins and top up the liquid dispenser if need be. Ensure you have replaced the used tissue too.

5- Clean the Remaining Areas

You are now done with the crucial areas in the house, but that doesn’t mean that the other areas should be left out. Remember, you have not cleaned the kitchen floor, have it cleaned thoroughly then proceed to:

  • Check and clean all the bedrooms. If there are any signs that somebody might have slept on the bed, remove the sheets, have them replaced, and clean the used ones.
  • Go out and check the garden. Collect any cans, bottles, papers, and plastics that might have been dropped in your backyard.
  • Sweep the compound and have it clean and tidy. If need be, you can use a broom and hose pipe.

Hurray! You are finally done with the mess. There’s a big likelihood that you’ll come across items that do not belong to you. If you collect any, put them in one place and wait for the owners to call you for inquiries. Do not forget to dispose of all the rags you have used after the cleanup.

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