Having a Hard Time Cooking Meals? Here’s What You Need To Get For Your Kitchen

We need to eat to survive and many people treat food that way. As long as they have the right nutrients in their food, then that’s all that matters. There are, however, a large number of people who absolutely love cooking and will head home for an evening with the plan to cook a feast, and sometimes it’s just for themselves. It takes some practice to get everything right, much like anything in life, but some things make cooking much easier.

The chef has an entire kitchen of professional equipment, but at home, it tends to be a little harder. If you’re struggling with cooking your meals to a standard you love, then it could be time to invest in some more equipment to make it a little easier. Here we take a look at some kitchen equipment you need to get for your kitchen.

A Decent Oven

Let’s start with the absolute basics. An oven is an essential part of your kitchen as it’s what is going to cook the majority of your food. You may already have one, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective. Old gas ovens tend to take longer to heat up and longer when cooking anything. Newer fan-assisted ovens are much faster in both of those categories. When deciding on which oven to get, it’s important to do your research and look at several different oven reviews as there is a huge amount of choice.

The size of your kitchen could change which one you’re going to buy, as can how many people you’re feeding every night. If you have a large family, then it’s best to get an oven that will accommodate more dishes. If you live alone then it’s not essential to have a giant oven that takes up the majority of your kitchen space.

A Food Processor

If you’re looking at expanding your cooking repertoire, then investing in a food processor could be the way to achieve that. One with switchable disks and blades is essential and the tasks you can perform with it will leave you wondering why you never had one in the first place. Make your condiments, and spreads, chop vegetables, or even blend up sauces and soups. They’re a great bit of kit that will allow you to try out new recipes and even turn to the experimental side of cooking. Not only are they great for everyday tasks, but they also save a huge amount of time making your kitchen experience much more enjoyable.

These shouldn’t be mistaken for a blender, they are different. Blenders are used to blend anything up that you’ve either cooked or for making things such as juices and smoothies for your morning hit of nutrients!

A Rice Cooker

These things are a staple in a Japanese kitchen and once you’ve seen how they work you’ll understand why. Rice is notoriously difficult to cook perfectly, do you boil it at the start and simmer for a long period? Should I put it in the microwave? What about other types of rice? All of these questions are answered when you invest in a rice cooker. Imagine having perfect rice every time you cook it. That’s what these are for. Say goodbye to overcooked rice with your curry.

A Chef’s Knife

Having a poor quality knife can be an absolute nightmare and also pretty dangerous! Have you ever tried chopping an onion with a low-quality knife only to find it sliding off and whacking your fingers? The last thing you want is a trip to accident and emergency when all you wanted to do was make a stir fry.

A chef’s knife is an investment, they aren’t cheap, but they will last for years and many food services. You’ll never see a chef in a kitchen without his roll of knives. They slice, cut, chop, and dice with ease. Prep has never been so easy.

Nonstick Pans

Nonstick Pans

There is a time and a place for pans with no coating on them and it’s not the home kitchen. Nonstick pans are a lifesaver for the home cook as they allow you to cook without the worry of all your food getting stuck to the bottom of the pan. Invest in some decent ones to avoid the coating coming off too quickly and you’ll notice a difference in your cooking straight away. Top tip – don’t put them in the dishwasher. 

Cooking is great fun when you’re creating food that tastes delicious and looks beautiful. To do this you’re going to need to correct equipment, you wouldn’t enter the Tour de France without a bicycle so why are you going to attempt a chicken biryani without the correct kitchen equipment? Enjoy cooking, invest in some decent gear, and fall in love with food again.

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