Having Skin Problems and No Treatment Works for You, Try Professional Skin

Even though there is a vast beauty culture everywhere no matter which country you live in, especially in Asia, it is very sad that skin analysis conducted by most skin clinics or dermatologists is not sufficient. The reason is that they rely on old fashioned analysis techniques employing their own sight and zoom glasses to analyze the skin.

Today many advanced skin analysis diagnostic tools, techniques, and procedures are available with which skin clinics and dermatologists can correctly identify the problem and implement effective treatments.

The success of skin clinics depends on the client’s health, if a patient is satisfied with the treatment, he will visit the same clinic again and also recommend it to its social circle. Successful clinics research, read, and acquire new knowledge continuously to stay ahead of the competition and to offer the best possible relief to their patients. If you have a skin condition then try visiting a clinic or dermatologist with advanced skin diagnostic tools.

If they have the right equipment then there is a great chance that they are also updated on the latest procedures and skin conditions. These clinics successfully determine the underlying condition and symptoms and come up with an appropriate treatment plan to begin treatment.

A few of the major reasons I know as a fact that is affecting our skin industry is that patients are also reluctant to get skin analysis with diagnostics tools. Those who are willing won’t think of paying the deserving fees as a result again, especially in Asia, where clinics won’t invest in advanced tools that are very critical to identifying skin conditions.

For example, a dermatologist can assess if the skin is dry or oily but how dry or oily, is it? It cannot be determined with sight. Here advance skin analysis machine become very useful. Intense Pulsed Light is a good example of a skin clinic, it is equipped with the latest diagnostics tools which do not have any side effects.

A skin analysis diagnostics tool that can help identify skin conditions successfully costs around $1500. It is not a big amount to invest in the clinics to make sure their clients get the best treatment possible. Also, in Europe, many of the financial claims by patients could have been avoided by the use of these tools.

A skin analysis done with these tools will help determine the following:

  • Clients’ Genetic history.
  • Clients’ lifestyle and eating habits.
  • Cosmetic history.
  • Medical history.
  • Exact skin type.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Extrinsic characteristics which are developed through work/play lifestyle.

The skin clinics or dermatologists will also be able to provide you with accurate information about:

  • The main reason or cause of skin condition.
  • Any effect caused by skin condition on cells and systems.
  • Which skin conditions need to be treated on top priority and which can wait?

Clinics with correct knowledge and tools can prepare a reliable report on the patient’s skin conditions and design the correct treatment to heal the patient. Determining the cause and affected cells is the foundation of successful treatment so it is highly recommended that patients seek and visit the clinic with these tools otherwise it will be no more than hit and miss treatment method.

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