Having Sleeping Problems? Here’s What You Can Do

In the digitized age with so much of our life spent staring at computers or overexerting ourselves at work, it is no surprise a large number of people have problems with getting to sleep. They are stressed out, overworked, and spend their entire lives worrying and bothered about money. With so much stress, so much work, and so little time to unwind, what else can you expect than for people to drift into complete insomnia? The amount of time our generation finds themselves staring at screens does us no favors and contributes, overall, to a lack of sleep. Here are a few solutions if you are suffering from a lack of sleep:

Address the Cause of Your Inability to Sleep

For many people, a distinct inability to get to sleep, or to get the sleep they need, can be the direct result of a health problem. Sleep apnea, a condition that affects a large chunk of the population, which effectively prevents you from breathing as you sleep, and you can find more info from Uplifting Mobility about that, is characterized as one of the number one conditions that effectively stops and prevents you from getting your deserved rest. And, unfortunately, there are many other conditions equally as terrible as the aforesaid, that can completely devastate your life and prevent you from sleeping.

 If you have been suffering from an inability to sleep it is suggested you approach your clinical physician and try to discover the source of your insomnia; the catalyst may be benign like anxiety or depression or it may be something more insidious like COPD. Whatever the cause, the only way to cure your lack of sleep is to have medication prescribed and adhere to a strict treatment plan to help you back into a routine.

What if it isn’t a Medical Condition?

If there is no medical reason for your lack of sleep it may be down to your lifestyle. The best way to get sleep is to have a healthy lifestyle and to correct any errors in your day to day life that may be proving detrimental to your overall health and the health of your sleep. You would be surprised to find out that the smallest things you do in a day can lead directly to insomnia, so be sure to take complete care and try and regulate a strict routine by following some of the below suggestions:

Spend Less Time on Your Computer

You would be surprised to find out that for 50% of the population, the amount of time they spend on their phones or computers is over twelve hours a day. Wow! That is a lot of time to be staring at an LED screen, and can seriously prove detrimental to your health. By staring at screens your eyes are overworked and when it finally does come time to sleep you will be unable to do so because while you may feel relaxed, your eyes and your body are still going a hundred miles a minute.

Sleep experts have suggested that to get a good night’s sleep you should avoid looking at a screen for three hours leading up to your bedtime, and when in bed, do not pick up that phone!

Yes, phones, just like computers, are damaging to your sleep. Any LED screen should be avoided completely in the hours leading to the bed, and after a few days, your body will become conditioned to this and you will find that your sleep improves drastically, as well as your mental health.

Spend Less Time on Your Computer

Eat A Healthy Diet and Exercise

Perhaps the main reason for a lack of sleep or a lack of good sleep thereof simply comes down to your diet and your exercise habits. Many people in our epoch sink into obesity because of their terrible diets and refusal to exercise.

Not only can a lack of exercise and sleep contribute to ill health in other parts of life, but they can also seriously affect the way that you sleep. It can be as simple as correcting your diet and exercising, and you can do it with only a few small steps every day, steps that will overall make you healthier and happier.

Start by eating more fruits and vegetables; try to adhere to the prescribed ‘five-a-day’ rule for fruit and veg, and try to eat less fatty processed foods and more organic foodstuff. You can make delicious recipes and snacks with fresh, organic food, and there is no need for processed packaged junk from supermarkets.

You can start to exercise rather simply by jogging, bodyweight exercises, or attending a gym. Once you start to exercise you will notice you are craving more exercise and more! It can be very addictive and is very good for you.

Perhaps the most important thing, all things considered, is having a healthy lifestyle. The state of your overall health is determined largely by your actions, and if you want a long, happy life, with those you love, then you should start being healthy today.

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