Health & Beauty Trends: How Safe is Microblading?

Even though Rihanna tried to make that happen on the cover of September’s issue of British Vogue, thin eyebrows are no longer in. But, eyebrows play such a big role in today’s beauty and even the fashion industry. This is one of the reasons many women (and even men) opt for microblade eyebrows, and if you want to opt for this procedure, you need to know all the information beforehand.

Now, one of the most frequently asked questions about this procedure is if it’s safe, so stay tuned as we try to debunk the myth that it’s not. Even though there is a handful of people who experienced horrible infections after this treatment, the answer is that this procedure is perfectly safe, but you need to have certain things in mind.

1. First of all, what is microblading exactly?

Microblading is a tattooing procedure during which thin eyebrow areas are filled in to make them look fuller. Another option is going from scratch and creating your own, personalized eyebrow shape. Even though this is a form of tattooing, unlike traditional permanent tattoos, the coloring from microblading will last for a shorter period (between 1 and 3 years). During the procedure, the artist uses small, hair-like blades to make small incisions into your skin where the pigment will enter. This will finally make sure that the pigment that penetrated your skin looks like real hair on your brows.

2. The most important safety precaution

If you’re thinking of undergoing this procedure, then obviously the most important thing to have in mind before the actual procedure is to carefully check all the places that offer this service. Just like it’s the case with any other procedure, it’s very important to go for the best of the best and not try to save money – there are a plethora of options for you to choose from, but make sure that certification is extremely important to you. A good microblading artist can either make or break your final look.

For example, any artist who finished microblading training by PhiBrows USA is a good choice as they do their best to make their customers satisfied. Many spa centers and high-quality salons offer this procedure nowadays, but you need to check the credentials of the actual technician who is going to microblade your brows.

Beauty Trends Microblading Safe

3. The risks of the procedure

Just like it’s the case with any other beauty treatment, there are certain risks that you need to know about. Even though these are extremely rare (especially if you choose the right technician), it’s always good to be safe than sorry. In order not to experience any of these, it would be a good idea to, after choosing the best artist, book a consultation appointment and see if you qualify for the procedure (not everyone does).

Also, make sure that you follow the preparation and aftercare instructions to the latter, as they are vital for the final result of your brows if you don’t want to land with any of the following risks:


Even though it’s less invasive than actual tattooing, the biggest risk of microblade eyebrows is an infection. The safest way is, of course, to find an artist who’s both good at his job and keeps everything clean and sterile. If you opt for someone who’s not using sterile equipment or is a newbie, you may end up with many different infections bacterial skin infections, and sometimes even HIV.

Allergic reactions

Albeit it’s very, very rare, you need to keep in mind that sometimes allergic reactions to pigment can happen. This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask during the consultation appointment – ask about the pigment and ask the technician if this pigment is good for you. Knowing everything beforehand might help you realize that this procedure is perhaps not good for you or that the technician should use a different pigment.

Allergic reactions

Eyebrows poorly micro bladed

Finally, the most common risk of the procedure is that you might end up with poorly microblade eyebrows, or ones that are done incorrectly. Since this is a semi-permanent procedure, covering up someone’s mistakes is very difficult, but it’s not impossible. However, you need to pay attention to what artist you choose as you don’t want to experience this and also spend more money on a correction session, which might not be as easy as it sounds.

So can we say that this is a safe procedure? If you play your cards right, it is, and as you can see, much depends on the actual artist who will be microblading your eyebrows. So, don’t save money choosing cheap treatments, but rather opt for the best.

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