6 Most Common Health Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene

Over the last couple of decades, American society has developed incredibly unhealthy eating habits. This is because we now have easy and unlimited access to fast food, processed meats or sweets. Yet, these favorite foods do not deserve a place in our mouths. Your dental health can be significantly affected by poor eating habits, especially if you are not maintaining a rigorous oral hygiene regimen. It is advised to schedule regular dental visits to a professional dentist, like Peak Family Dental Care, for various reasons, like saving on the cost of dental procedures.

It is often forgotten that practicing poor oral hygiene is not only harmful to your teeth and wallet. Poor oral hygiene will also have ripple effects throughout the body in the form of various health conditions. We have listed here six of the most common health effects of poor oral hygiene so that you feel extra motivation to maintain excellent oral hygiene.


  1. Cardiovascular diseases:

Bacteria in the mouth act on food particles and convert them into acids, which, if not cleaned regularly, start to rot teeth and swell gums. If your gums are inflamed, be cautious because that same bacteria can enter into your bloodstream via gums and start to build plaque inside the arteries. As a result, a severe condition called atherosclerosis can develop, which can result in blood flow problems and increase the likelihood of cardiac incidents like heart attacks and strokes.


  1. Respiratory Issues:

The bacteria in your gums can also sneak into the lungs via the bloodstream and may cause mild irritation at first. But, if left untreated, it can wreak infectious havoc on your lungs by causing severe conditions like COPD, pneumonia, and acute bronchitis. Thus, oral hygiene is imperative for healthy lungs.


  1. Pregnancy complications:

Pregnancy is a time of hormonal changes that make women prone to develop oral infections. Thus, it is doubly important that pregnant women must maintain good oral hygiene because infections in the mouth can have severe consequences on pregnancies. It has been reported that oral infections like periodontitis and gingivitis have led to premature birth and underweight infants.


  1. Dementia:

Bacteria from the inflamed gums can also sneak into the brain and kill healthy brain cells, which may result in memory loss. Moreover, in extreme cases, gingivitis releases bacteria into the nerve channels, which may contribute to the development of medical conditions as severe as Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Infertility:

Infertility in women is scientifically linked with oral infections, as there have been studies where women with poor oral hygiene and bacterial infections have found it difficult to conceive. Similarly, men with infections like periodontitis and gingivitis are more prone to experience erectile dysfunction. As bacteria from the gums sneaks into the bloodstream and cause inflammation in the blood vessels, blood flow to the genitals is compromised and causes erectile dysfunction.


  1. Diabetes:

Diabetes has a strong correlation with poor oral hygiene, as gum diseases can cause higher than usual blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is paramount that diabetic people observe immaculate oral health so that they can prevent their sugar levels from going haywire.


In a nutshell, the effects of oral health are not limited to the mouth only. Now that you know about the various health effects of poor oral health, it’s crucial that you be incentivized to observe immaculate oral hygiene.

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