Healthy Juice Recipes For The Body And Immunity

Boost your body with these fantastic healthy juice recipes, which support weight loss, detoxification, and digestion. Moreover, to rehydrate and clean the body from the inside out to boost energy and promote healing.

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Organic vegetable juice is a simple method to get vitamins into your body. So we have accumulated some healthy juice recipes which offer a high amount of benefits to you.

A glass of freshly squeezed juice is far better than a cup of coffee in the morning. When juicing its fiber strips off, it won’t be filling and should not be considered a meal. But can be used as a homemade supplement.

Some of the best vegetables and fruits to juice are:

●    Apple: fights inflammation and is very good for heart health.

●    Citrus: raise HDL cholesterols, lower harmful LDL cholesterols and triglycerides.

●    Berries: low calories, full of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

●    Carrot: contains fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin K and potassium.

●    Cucumber: it contains 95% water, so great for detoxifying and benefits the liver and kidneys.

●    Tomatoes: protects cells from being damaged, a good source of potassium, vitamin B, vitamin E, and other nutrients.

●    Beets: contain nutrients that lower blood pressure and detoxification properties.

●    Celery: low in calories, low-glycemic, a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K.

●    Spinach: full of vitamins, anti-cancerous properties and is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world.

●    Parsley: contains vitamin K, vitamin C, and other oxidants.

●    Kale: low in calories, antioxidant, helps in arthritis, and anti-inflammation.

●    Wheatgrass: good source of vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione and fights cancer and arthritis.

●    Ginger: full of antioxidants, prevents stress and damage to the body’s DNA and lowers high blood pressure.

●    Turmeric: improves heart health and fights against diseases like Alzheimer, cancer, and anti-inflammation.

●    Broccoli: good source of fiber, protein, iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, magnesium, vitamin B, and folic acid.

Some of the vegetables and fruits to avoid juicing are:





Tips for Healthy Juicing

●    Choose organic vegetables and fruits as possible for healthy juicing. If you cannot find it, then peel off the dirty part and wash it properly.

●    You don’t have to remove the stems of greens and herbs, instead wash the stems and trim them.

●    Peel the pith of the citrus as it is bitter.

●    Freshly pressed juices should be consumed immediately and if you want to save it for later, keep the juice in the fridge, which keeps it fresh for 24-48 hrs.

Recipes for Healthy Juice

Health is the most important thing and starting a day with a healthy juice will give people energy for a whole day. Here are some of the recipes we collected which can be helpful to you.

1. Celery Juice

Drinking celery juice first thing in the morning can benefit you a lot. In contrast, it is one of the best energizing recipes which promotes weight loss.

In addition, it stimulates digestion, speeds up metabolism, and contains very few calories that can be used to break down to fibers.

Also, the nutrients that are in celery help you prevent cardiovascular diseases by reducing glucose, blood pressure, and blood lipids in the body.

Some of the other benefits of drinking celery juice are it helps with jaundice, urinary tract obstruction, liver diseases, asthma, gout, fever, chronic skin diseases, vomiting, and bronchitis.

It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and collects radicals that live in the body.

2. Detox Beet Juice

There is no shortcut or magic tool for detoxing. Instead, our body automatically detoxifies through the liver. Detoxing happens at night, as it is the time when our body repairs cells and organs. 

However, we occasionally require a detoxification boost for our blood and organs, which beet juice provides.

The benefits that beet juice offers along with the detoxification boost are weight loss, blood cleansing, lowering blood pressure, protecting liver damage, and improving skin. In addition, it has an inflammatory reduction, anti-cancer properties, and increases energy. 

3. Cinnamon Ginger Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is full of rich nutrients which have many benefits. It contains different types of vitamins, carotenoids, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

The freshly pressed carrot juice improves your health and reduces inflammation, digestion disorders, and supports vision too.

The addition of cinnamon and ginger reduces inflammation and supports arthritis which is a bonus to improve the drink.

4. Green Machine Juice

This lovely green juice is a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of greens! Green juice is good for weight reduction, glowing skin, increased hydration, vitality, lowering blood pressure, and flushing toxins from the body.

To use in a blender, I like to add coconut water for better blending and potassium and aloe vera juice for additional hydration.

How to Juice Without a Juicer

It’s fine if you don’t have a juicer, you can still produce fresh juice! Juicers of high grade can be costly. If you must choose between a juicer and a blender, I recommend the blender.

  1. To create juice in a blender, combine all of the ingredients in the blender and mix on low.
  2. Slowly pour just enough water into the blender to turn it on. Puree until totally smooth, adding additional water if required to thin it down.
  3. Pour into a wide mouth jar or dish via a fine mesh sieve. For a thinner juice, use cheesecloth or a nut milk bag.

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