Heart Rate Variability and the Best Way to Measure It

Variability is the property of all biological processes of the human body to adapt to external challenges of the world. A unique feature of heart rate variability is the ability to reflect the influence of control signals from the brain on all internal systems, organs, and cells, to maintain a balance of homeostasis and adaptation to external stimuli. Its means that heart rate variability responds to any disturbances in the cardiovascular system’s state and the work of regulation mechanisms of the whole body.

The autonomic system is the piece of the nervous system that controls the work of all organs. The ANS consists of central brain nuclei and peripheral components throughout the body. It has sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers that affect the automatic sinoatrial node Keys-Fleck, and, accordingly, increase and decrease heart rate.


How does it work?

The methodological basis for analyzing models of heart rate variability has developed due to practical space medicine. In the 1960s, this was the first significant impetus for the development of HRV clinical trials. In current years, digital technology has made it possible to create software for electronic devices to assess our health. For this reason, mobile phones can now be used as a reliable assistant to determine the condition of your heart. Of course, it is impossible to fully replace a doctor, even with an artificial intelligence algorithm system. The study of heart rate variability (HRV) with Welltory application helps non-invasive assessment of the functions of the body’s regulatory structures and tracking their dynamics. This best blood pressure app works as an accurate heart rate monitor. When next time somebody asks you: “How can I take my blood pressure with my iPhone?” you know the answer.


What is going on?

The principle of analysis is to measure with the help of a phone camera and flash. The formation of a dynamic series of RR-integrals indicators occurs due to the blood flow registration in the vessels. When the camera is activated, the flash illuminates the capillaries at your fingertips. It records the readings and displays them as a cardiogram.

Examining the graphs of the application’s measurements, you can analyze the nervous system’s state and the quality of physiological functions’ coordination through body fluids: blood or lymph. Disorders of the regulatory system can directly affect the state of the autonomic and nervous systems. If we add psycho-emotional stresses to these factors, we can talk about the predictor value of such an analysis.


How to measure HRV?

HRV always reflects a decrease in the body’s regulatory ability to resist external loads. The exercise and emotional stress will affect the curve of the image of the variability chart. It would be best for you to control what is going on with your body.

When the suppression of the nervous system is excessive, the regulatory systems fail. Under these conditions, any additional intense physical or emotional load can become critical because the body’s adaptive qualities can no longer run. Autonomic denervation reduces HRV, and all together, increases the risk of cardiac arrest.


What’s important?

For home control, a person can install the named application. If you have any concerns, you should see a doctor. A reliable developer support team will always help you with analyzing your heart rate. But remember the importance of competent assessment and diagnosis.

Therefore, due to regular monitoring and examination of your heart rhythm, you can detect high risks of arrhythmia or other health threats in time. Scientists have not yet determined whether an unbalanced autonomic system is the cause of arrhythmias and other pathologies or whether it is a concomitant symptom of their presence. It is still investigating whether heart rate variability is independent in assessing heart muscle instability or determining one of the equation’s variables.


How to be ready for an appointment?

– Your blood pressure level. It is desirable to prepare in advance and have a schedule of weekly measurements.

– The name of the drugs to be taken, dosage, and mode of administration. This information should always be with you in writing to provide an ambulance correctly in critical situations. It is vital what medicine you are taking to avoid a conflict of chemicals when giving you first aid.

– Possible side effects of medications prescribed by a doctor. Remember to tell your doctor if you have any allergies or side effects from your previous treatment so that your specialist can take this into account without further harm.


Why should you try this app?

Use your phone as a heart rate measuring device till preparing an appointment list. It will be good for your doctor to know your eating habits and preferences, directly affecting your blood pressure. It could be the reason for you to use a named application. It can show your energy level scale and work as a nutrition tracking app.

How can the application be useful?

– suggest better day planning to increase efficiency.

– to show how well you did the workout in the gym.

– what exactly does your body need to feel better.

– how best to spend the weekend: relaxing in bed, walking in the park, or organizing a hike in the mountains.

Does the app understand you? The algorithm works so that the application can analyze your data and adjust to your mode. The concept of normal heart rhythm is very relative. Under the same circumstances, two unique personalities will feel differently, while the third person will run the distance without any problems. That is why this app will become your trainer and teacher, with whom you will be able to understand yourself and your body better.

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