10 Most Helpful Podcasting Blogs for Podcasters

No matter what we do, we cannot deny that podcasting is rising. We can see several podcast audios on podcasting platforms, especially on YouTube.

They can be in many forms, such as eBooks turned into audiobooks. Some are self-help podcasts whose primary goal is to help and give value to their listeners. 

Regardless of the theme or niche, podcasts are everywhere. Marketing audio from podcasts goes from social media platforms. And now, they are using blogs and websites to reach more potential listeners on the internet.

With the help of SEO, some of the most popular podcasts known today are reaping success.

If you are a new podcaster, you should try producing blogs that go hand in hand with your podcasts. Add to that, you can use software for audio transcription and then post transcript forms of your podcast to your website.

Or you can make other articles that talk about your niche. Whatever topics you post on your website, consider that they should be your niche.

Here are some podcast blog sites that you can look into if you are looking for new learnings and strategies that you can use for your podcast.

Buzzsprout Blog

Buzzsprout is one of the podcast hosting sites that have been in the industry since 2009. It is software that offers podcast features such as recording, editing, and marketing. They also started writing blogs in 2015.

On their blogs, they tackle the struggles that podcasters may encounter. Most of the topics are tips and tricks that will significantly help podcasters on their journey.

If you are a newbie to the podcasting world, read blogs and articles from Buzzsprout. They provide honest and accurate information about being a podcaster, such as the advantages and disadvantages. They will even provide you with some other software to help you create good content.

Are you aspiring to be a podcaster but do not know the best hosting software? Buzzsprout is one of the most user-friendly software you can use as a starter. All you have to do is upload your audio, and Buzzsprout will do the rest of the job, such as marketing.

They also have a WordPress plugin to help you post your podcast on your website.

If you do not want to create your website, Buzzsprout can make that for you. All you have to do is buy your domain name and customize the site according to your liking.

The only downside of this platform is that it has limited storage and bandwidth. And it is a paid platform where you can choose the best payment plan.

Transistor Blog

Transistor blog is another platform for podcasters. It is a hosting site widely known for its high-quality features, such as its built-in analytics. This feature allows a podcaster to monitor the performance of their uploaded podcast. Aside from that, it also disseminates your podcast to other platforms.  

Aside from being a hosting site for podcasts, it also has a blog site to post helpful guides to podcasting. So, if you are new to podcasting, go to the blog page of Transistor blog. Read some articles that they have provided for newbies like you.

They also post updates on their vlogs about the new trends in podcasting. So, even if you’ve been in the industry for a long time, blogs would still help you with the frequent changes.

The downside of this platform is that it does not have free plans. However, you can try this software by signing up for a 14-day trial. Just remember that you can either pay for it after fourteen days or cancel your plan before the end of your free plan. 

The Audacity to Podcast

Audacity to Podcast is one of the award-winning podcast blogs. It tackles everything about podcasting, from good podcasting equipment and software to the struggles of podcasters. They also post blogs that help podcasters build their audience through varied marketing strategies and techniques.

If you are new to podcasting, visit The Audacity to Podcast for a more helpful guide to podcasting. In addition, they provide ideas on how to start your podcasting career and how you can monetize your podcasts.

What’s nice about The Audacity to Podcast is that they record their blogs as podcast audio. So, you can either listen to their podcast or read their transcripted blogs.

The Podcast Magazine

What is your main reason for starting a podcast? Is it for entertainment or to give value to your listeners? Regardless of your reasons, The Podcast Magazine’s goal is to make you stand out within the flux of many podcasters in the industry. However, now that the competition is tight, you need guidelines to get through the trend and be known.

The Podcast Magazine provides you with excellent insight into different promotion strategies that guarantee your podcast reaches the rightful listeners. So take their guide into action and provide valuable content.

And you’ll surely prosper in your podcasting career. Aside from proper promotion techniques and good content, listeners also stay when you offer them quality audio.

The Podcast Magazine provides you with lists of high-quality software that you can use when recording your podcast. They have everything that you need to learn in your podcasting journey.

Whether you are a newbie or an established podcaster, this website will keep you updated with new must-haves in podcasting.


Captivate is another podcast hosting platform where you can showcase your audio. They offer features like analytics to track the progress of your podcast. They also provide you with support with marketing and promotion. Captivate also links your podcast to other podcast players.

This feature allows you to extend your reach to a broader audience.

With Captivate, you can also integrate your podcast into WordPress by using a plugin. Aside from those features, they also have blogs to help newbies start their podcasts. It is vital that before you start podcasting, know the basics first, such as using the podcast or recording platforms.

See how you will market your podcast and who you want to reach out to in this broad industry.

It might be challenging during the first phase of your podcasting journey. You may encounter hurdles when you are just starting, such as not having listeners or not meeting your expectations. You might also need to convert your file types, such as convert  MP3 to MP4 by Transcribing Wreally for a smoother stream.

However, what is even more challenging is staying in the market for a long time and giving value for as long as you can. Add to that; you can get tips from Marketdoxa.

Once you’ve entered the industry, staying will be your next goal. The secret to that is getting the latest updates in the podcasting industry. You can achieve that as long as you continue to read blogs and updates from the podcast blogs above.

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