Guide To Helping Your Older Child Accept The Arrival Of Baby

Many parents feel anxious about how to best prepare their older children for the arrival of a new baby. Use these steps to help them become best friends.

As you shop for newborn baby clothes, you must be wondering how to tell your older child that another baby is on the way.

Do not be worried that your child might get upset because there is a new addition to the family. This post will discuss several steps to help the two become best friends.

1. Do not keep the baby a secret

Incredibly, children as young as eighteen months can feel when things start to change. Therefore, not mentioning another child on the way is a bad idea.

When you start talking about the baby before it is time to deliver helps prepare the older child. However, it would be best not to make the discussion more of an announcement.

It should be an acceptance that the baby is coming and has a future with your family. You can add to the discussion by telling the child that they will have someone new to love and play with.

2. Speak of the newborn as a real person

When you finally get into the discussion, depict the baby as a person. For instance, you can start by explaining how the baby will need newborn baby clothes, diapers, and milk.

You may also add that they sleep a lot. Research states that parents who have a candid discussion with their children about the baby and depict the baby as a real person have kids who get along better.

Additionally, it may help to let the older child pick out things that will decorate the baby’s room. This will help the older child feel included and not feel like the baby is taking all the attention.

3. Encourage the older child to have friendships.

Children who have friends before a sibling is born into their family tend to have better relationships with the newborn baby. That is because the older child has an idea of how to treat the baby. After all, they have had a similar relationship with their friend. Therefore, do not isolate your child until the baby is born. Encourage friendships because it’s beneficial to the child’s psychological development.

4. Give your older child a toy to play with

When you finally deliver and come home with the newborn baby, give your older child a toy or doll to care for. This will keep the older child busy while caring for the new baby. Furthermore, while you care for the baby, the child can care for the doll, which will help them better understand your situation.

Older children can get a bit too troublesome because they are occasioned to receive all the attention. Therefore, a doll will keep their small minds occupied.

5. Explain to the older child that the newborn will require more attention

When the older child notices that the new baby is getting more attention, they will get jealous because it is only natural.

Therefore, you need to explain that the baby will require more attention. It may also help if you added that they received the same care when they were small.

Your child will understand it when you spend more time caring for the baby.


Helping your child to understand that there is a new addition to the family is essential. It will help them establish a strong bond later on in life.

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