Here Is All You *NEED* To Know About Forehead Implants

Are you looking for a solution to “fix” your flat forehead? Do you feel less confident when in front of other people because you are not happy with the shape of your forehead? Nowadays, everyone wants to look their best, but when you have a disoriented forehead or forehead shape, it leads to an imbalance in the structure of your face. And, well, it does not look great now, does it?

Do not worry! I have got a solution for you! Science has taken advancement to the next level, and now you can “fix” your flat forehead, or get rid of your protruding brow bone with the help of forehead augmentation and forehead implants. With the help of advancement in the scientific department, you can alter your forehead as much or as little as you like. However, there are a few factors that go hand in hand when it comes to opting for a surgery that claims to alter a part of your body. Any sort of surgery, especially cosmetic surgery requires patients to be careful and take precautions when it comes to choosing a surgeon.

In this article, we are going to talk about forehead implants. Also, in this article, we will take a look at possible candidates who are eligible for the surgery forehead implants and will also understand what the possible complications could be due to the forehead implant surgery.

Forehead Implants

Forehead implants or forehead augmentation refers to a surgical procedure that is used to smoothen and enhance the shape and volume of the forehead. This surgery is elective and helps people who are dissatisfied with the shape and appearance of their forehead. You may wonder if surgeries like these, also known as cosmetic surgeries, are available on insurance. And, the answer is that insurance companies do not claim payment for medical surgeries that are primarily for cosmetic purposes.

If the surgery is performed for medical reasons that may otherwise cause harm to the body, the insurance companies do claim the price. So, if you want to claim the premium for the forehead implant surgery, you ought to have a medical reason behind your surgery.

There are also cases of forehead implants or forehead augmentation where the procedure is also capable of changing the entire appearance of the face. This means that the procedure can make the face look prettier and smaller as the forehead is smoothened out and wrinkles and other imperfections from the face and the forehead are removed when the volume is added to the forehead.

Forehead implants or forehead augmentation are of technically three types

  • Transplantation of fat
  • Insertion of silicone implants
  • The use of osteoid

Who Is Eligible For Surgery Like A Forehead Implant?

The following types of cases are where people can take advantage of forehead implants or forehead augmentation:

  • People who have overly prominent brow bones or protrusion of bones near the ey structure
  • People who are unhappy with their flat foreheads and would like to add some volume in the central region of their foreheads
  • People whose foreheads appear to be consisting of a hollow part
  • People who have pain or heaviness in the upper part of the face due to overly protruding brow bone.

The added volume in the forehead can make the lower part of the person’s face look narrower, which is advantageous if one is looking for a thinner appearance of the face. Generally, this is the end goal of the majority of the patients who seek the procedure of forehead implants or forehead augmentation.

Forehead Implants: Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

One can enhance his or her forehead shape by making use of surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. Surgical procedures include making use of implants made of silicone or using fat transfer augmentation. Bone cement is also used in surgical procedures when it comes to forehead implants.

If you are not very sure about undergoing surgery, there are nonsurgical methods too, that can help you with enhancing the shape of your forehead. Surgeons suggest hyaluronic acids which help in the process of soft tissue augmentation. People suggest that they are safe and only require the use of a simple injection that is to be injected. There are many fillers too that are available to be used to enhance the facial features and the forehead shape of a patient.

You can make use of either surgical or nonsurgical methods as per your wish and medical history. If you want more specified insights about which method is best for your body, you can consult your surgeon.

Possible Risks And Complications That Can Be Entailed Due To Forehead Implants

Just like any other surgery, forehead implants or forehead augmentation also come with a probability of risks and complications. These possible risks and complications should be immediately reported to your surgeons to avoid any further medical risks. These possible risks and complications are as follows:

  • One can have an adverse and vigorous reaction to anesthesia that was used during the surgery
  • Fat absorption
  • A silicone implant can cause a rupture inside your body which can sometimes cause an infection
  • When excessive fat is transported, it can give a puffy and unnatural appearance to the face after surgery


Forehead augmentation and forehead implants have a high rate of satisfaction among people. You will be asked to rest for a while, and after that, you can resume your daily activities. You may also be asked to arrive at follow-up schedules with your doctor to get rid of the stitches and evaluate your recovery.

You must have a thorough discussion with your doctor or surgeon before opting for this surgical procedure. The doctor may run some physical examinations to ensure you are eligible to opt for the surgery. You may be advised to rest for a while after the surgery of forehead implants.

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