Here Is How To Plan A Beach Wedding With No Hiccups

What do you imagine when you close your eyes and imagine your wedding? Do you imagine a gentle breeze, orange sunsets, the sound of crashing waves, and sand between your toes?

If this is what you’re picturing, you precisely dream of having a beach wedding someday! And why not? They occur in an open setting; the atmosphere is lovely and ideal for anyone to tie the knot alongside the hustling sea waves. Now, who could resist that?

However, before you walk down that sandy aisle and marry the love of your life, read the following tips. It could help you have the beach wedding people can only dream of. Here you go:

Research About The Rules

Although a beach permit is not always required to get married at a beach, every coastal area has different rules. Make sure you research all the rules and regulations of the particular beach you wish to get hitched at. Doing this will save you the last-minute hassles.

It is also imperative to learn about the noise permits of the area. This will allow you to make the necessary preparations and avoid any unpleasant surprises during the wedding event.

Settle for Sturdy Enough Seating!

Beaches are often windy and can wreak havoc on your gorgeous beach wedding set-up. To prevent it, ensure that you have a sturdy seating arrangement by picking furniture that is solid enough to be flown away by the wind. You may pick solid aluminum chairs, weatherproof foldable seats, or even hardwood benches as attractive yet practical options for your beach wedding furniture. 

Having said this, most beach weddings are short and sweet; therefore, seating for everyone around isn’t necessary. Just make sure there are a few comfortable seats available for the elderly, and you’ll be fine.

Enhance the Natural Features

A beach set-up on its own is so mesmerizing that one doesn’t need any elaborate decorations to complement it – the beach serves as the perfect backdrop as you walk down the aisle. All you need is to highlight the natural elements of the beach for an unforgettable seaside wedding. 

Furthermore, you could bring forth the beauty of nature and its grandeur for your wedding, incorporating ocean details such as stones, shells, and pebbles.

Concentrate On Contrasting Colours

The beach, the sky, and the dune are all cold-toned white and blue hues, so make sure you add some contrast to make your wedding photos pop.

Opt for a brighter setting by choosing contrasting hues like greens, yellows, and oranges to add more charm to the overall ambiance. Also, remember to choose photographers who are skilled enough to capture precious moments alongside the glorious background.

If you’re still in the process of choosing the right photographer, sneak a peek at this site and have a look at this marvelous click by Adelaide Photography. The team has been doing great work and raving endless reviews. 

Consider the Weather

No one would like the rains or winds to ruin their D-day. 

Will it rain on the day of my wedding? Is the cyclone season around? What is the best time to plan a beach wedding in Australia?

Google these questions before you start dreaming of a beach wedding. Make sure to monitor the weather weeks before your wedding to post/prepone the dates accordingly.

Also, ensure you have a backup plan and all the necessary arrangements like tents, etc., if nature decides to dodge you. 

Cool Drinks Are A Must

Beach weddings often end up being hot and humid. To ensure that your guests stay cool and comfortable, include an assortment of food and beverages that can offer them some respite. 

The buffet can include freshly cut fruits and salads. Moreover, cold drinks such as lemonade, chilled fruit juices, or even a minibar with a supply of cocktails would bring an ear-to-ear smile to everyone’s faces. 

A Goodie Bag As a Return Gift

Last but not least, you might send off your guests with a sweet surprise. It could be anything. A goodie bag in their room to make them feel even more welcomed and adored. Fill the bag up with essentials like sunscreen, hand towels, shower products, beach towels, etc., and your people will remember the gesture forever. Try it!


We hope these tips allow you to plan a wonderful wedding. Amid all the wedding frenzy, remember to breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy like never done before. Do not forget that it’s your day and the one who should relish it the most is you! Cheers!

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