21 Best High-Paying Careers for Women

With the change of millennia, the trend of women becoming more independent and self-reliant has been at its peak.

Breaking the bind of a secluded life and a misogynistic society the women of the modern era have come forth with a stand and a statement to be fiercer and courageous as they compete toe-to-toe with men and in some cases are even considered even better.

With the gradual changes in the work-life of both men and women, the careers have been mended to be compliant for both demographics.

After the breaking of the pandemic, the world has seen a lot of ups and downs as millions of Americans were pushed down from the middle class to poverty. The lockdown strategy has hindered and impacted the careers of millions.

But, after a year of us facing Covid-19 the corporate and job lives have started to revive and resurface with a new face. The lockdown and the pandemic era have shown how women are more efficient delve more into management and are prominent at strategizing for the worse.

There are numerous ways the virus has affected the careers of many, like a straight loss of jobs, reduction in salaries, more shifts, and less pay.

A dark time was upon us and it mended how the world used to work in every aspect. Let’s see the best careers suited for a woman after the pandemic has molded the norms of corporate life for women.

A-List of Best Careers Available for Women

Nurse Practitioner:

They help to bestow that with either primary or secondary health care women can do both independent and collaborative work and these jobs help women to earn up to 98,000$ annually.


The annual income of a pharmacist is around 98,280$ and to make such numbers a licensed doctor of pharmacy degree is necessary. Their job is to provide the medicine and other requirements that are prescribed by the doctor.


After passing the LAW BAR examination and completing the degree of law also known as LLB a person can be certified as a lawyer. They can work in a company or be a freelancer and represent their clients. They earn up to 91,645$ per year.


A physician helps to examine the medical conditions of the patients, write prescriptions, and formulate a medical plan for their healthy and swift recovery. Women physicians earn up to 89,640$ per annum as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Human Resource Manager:

Human Resources are responsible for the recruitment process, the interviewing stage, and at last the hiring procedure in a firm and earn up to 70,000$ per annum.

Software developer:

Software developers earn up to 85,00$ annually and the Bureau of labor statistics forecasts a rise of 27% in the salaries of software developers from 2019 to 2029.

Computer Systems Manager:

In the IT sector, women manage coordinate and devise computer-related projects. The annual salary of a computer systems manager is around 89,000$

Physician Assistant:

Assessing the medical state of a patient before being checked up by a physician is what a physician assistant does. The annual salary is to be estimated at around 80,000$ per annum.


An engineer formulates designs related to chemical, civil, mechanical, or any other physical structure and implements them in real life. An average engineer makes 65-70,000$ every year.


Providing wisdom and education to children of several age groups is what teachers do, teaching is one of the reputed and high-paying jobs. In the times of this pandemic around the globe, the need for online tutors has also increased.

Almost every large online training website offering online English teaching jobs. They are paid around 60,000$ each year which is a handsome salary for any person.

Fashion designer:

A fashion designer designs new styles of clothing and also gauges the fashion industry to keep the work authentic and original. Their annual salary is around 67,000$.


Addressing social issues and educating the audience on a national or possibly international level is what journalism helps to do. A journalist earns up to 66,500$ each year.


Writing copies for any firm to help them sell their goods and services efficiently is the main task of a copywriter. They earn around 68,900$ each year.

Sales and marketing:

This job involves customer dealings pitching sales to the target market and managing the sales reps. They earn around 55,000$ each year.

Fitness trainer:

Their job is to guide the clients to gain a better body and become healthy and fit in life. After getting their personal trainer certification, they can earn up to $50,000 each year.

Multimedia Artist:

Their job is to make graphical designs and animated videos as per the requirements of their client. Their estimated annual income is 70,000$.


Their job is to understand the psychological problems faced by their patients and provide a general solution for them same. They get paid 75,500$ per annum


They help their patients to diagnose, manage, and cure any kind of problem related to their vision. Their annual salary is around 90,000$

Educational director:

They plan and direct the education system of a school. The plans vary with pre-primary, primary, and secondary levels of schools. Their estimated annual income is around 88,000$.

Product manager:

Their job is to research what the customer wants with the product, the changes and development, and other necessary molding to make the product user-friendly. Their annual income is estimated at around 87,000$.


They guide the followers of a congregation to lead a good and religious life. They usually work for a specific religion and earn up to 50,000$ every year.

To Conclude

The jobs from a non-medical field are all almost doable from home keeping you safe and secure and the medical entities already know how to take precautions for their personal and their patient’s safety.

These jobs complement the current situation perfectly and can earn any woman enough to live a happy and respectable life. Given the circumstances, the pay might be volatile but earning something is always better.

Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree or a license which can be retained with a bit of hard work and dedication and in this time and age it will pay off with the best results. This will provide you with the sense of independence and freedom that you have been hoping and dreaming of.

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