Job Analysis: 9 Highest-Paying Design Jobs in India (+ 5 Successful Design Fields)

Design jobs are one of the leading categories of work in the creative industry. They are diverse and challenging but also equally rewarding in all aspects. Design jobs are also high-paying based on a person’s interests and skill levels.

The more efficiency they can provide, the better the pay will be. If you find yourself leaning towards the creative industry and want to check out some exciting design jobs, here’s a look at a few high-paying ones and some specializations you can consider.

9 High-Paying Design Jobs to Consider in the Creative Industry

1. Product Designers

They are responsible for developing and designing solution-oriented products that will provide exceptional user experience at all stages of product development. They often work at senior posts within design teams in an organization and have efficient design thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential to succeed as a product designer. 

2. UI Designer 

UI Designers are responsible for developing creative, functional, and user-friendly interfaces for digital applications and other resources. To successfully design high-quality interfaces, UI designers need a thorough understanding of layouts, web elements, mobile interfaces, typography, and more. 

At times they may be required to hold a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to help bring in more functionality before the final designs get handed over to developers. 

3. UX Designer

UX designers are generally involved in processes that include researching user needs and requirements, solution building, developing mockups, wireframing, and more. They may oversee the start of a project and the very end of it. UX designers are also responsible for ensuring that all products or applications provide convenience and functionality to end users. 

To accomplish it, they take all necessary measures to ensure everything ranging from the design to product feel and usability is as perfect as it needs to be before they get released for public use.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have a deep understanding of visual elements, typography, brand identity, etc., allowing them to successfully create meaningful designs for spreading a message. They are responsible for creating digital and physical creative assets such as logos, editorials, posters, etc. 

To get hired as a graphic designer, one needs to present an extensive portfolio that helps clients see their skills, capabilities, understandings, etc., and hire them for various design projects.

Graphic Designer Jobs

5. Motion Designer

Motion designers are essential creatives for companies or clients that require motion graphics to promote their products or services to their audience. Motion designers create stunning video visuals and must thoroughly understand elements such as lighting, shadows, video software, etc., as it will help them perform their roles more efficiently. These are one of the most in-demand design jobs due to the diversity of their work responsibilities. 

6. Architecture Designer

Architecture designers must deeply understand space, living situations, public spaces, etc. To get hired, they must create an outstanding portfolio showcasing their skills, abilities, their knowledge of the best rendering software and visuals, and implementations in various projects. It is the step that comes before turning into a full-fledged architecture, and its responsibilities include presenting geometrical structure diagrams efficiently. 

7. 3D Designer

The job demand for 3D designers is steadily growing as more and more people come to realize the potential of this creative field. 3D designers are responsible for creating visual representations of landscapes, abstract structures, models, and more. They combine these visual elements with other graphics to create functional and meaningful graphics for clients or other projects. 

8. Game Designer

Game designers are responsible for creating smooth and effective landscaping, character design, functional mods, and other video game requirements. It is a challenging yet rewarding career in the creative field that opens up opportunities for those who have a significant interest in the world of gaming. 

9. Interior Designer

They are responsible for creating stunning home or workspace designs that are functional and aesthetically appealing to clients. They must thoroughly understand building and room layouts, furniture types, decor styles, etc., to design interiors successfully for client satisfaction.

Top 5 Design Fields to Consider for Your Career

1. Graphic Design

Here, designers are responsible for creating creative digital or physical assets such as logos, business cards, editorials, and more based on different client requirements.

2. Fashion Design

The specialization teaches you about different clothing styles, how to create variations, and design stunning outfits for every idea.

3. Product Design

Learn how to design and develop functional, aesthetic, and user-friendly products that provide reliability and efficiency.

4. Interior Design

Learn how to decorate interiors for residents and corporations to bring different positive moods to living or workspaces. 

5. Animation Design

With this, individuals can learn how to create visually appealing and meaningful animated graphics that will allow them to develop unique creatives for client projects.


Design is an umbrella term that includes a range of creative areas. Each aspect allows one to build exciting and challenging careers and eventually land high-paying jobs in their area of interest.

If you feel like the world of design is your calling, you can use this as a guide to learn more about the different types of jobs available and some majors you can consider to boost your skills. 

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