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Travel temptations to Hilo will put you at the center of one of Hawaii‟s largest Islands. The Island sits at the heart of Old Sugar City, public life, historical gems, Hawaiian hot spots, and busy ports. Hilo is a fabulous area to visit.

Hilo is set off by background volcanoes, which stretch out around the area’s port. The volcanoes surround themselves with visually, windward distinct scenery, which includes treated groves, grassy forestry, waterfalls, snaking recreational trails, and more. The area is similar to an oasis, in which volcanoes rest between the seas, presenting an exciting feeling.

Hilo‟s Harbor once was the main attraction, but due to innovative construction that took off when the sugar cane fields in Hawaii started is manufacturing. Today, sugar is not a subject in Hilo however. Today, Hilo is a cultured developed land, where Islands preserve history in a unique fashion. Today, you will enjoy history at its best through hula dances and music.

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Hilo has some fabulous hotel structures. Along Banyan Drive you will find a wide array of grand hotels. The hotels in this area make it convenient to visit Hilo‟ ‘s favorite spots, including scenic areas near the bay. As well, the gardens are in walking distance.

One of the hotels along this drive is the Naniloa hotel. The hotel has a good reputation, and the service and views have high value. You can enjoy fine

meals, as well as a variety of amenities while resting at Naniloa. In addition, you can walk next door to visit Hilo‟s Golf Course and Country Club.

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Castle Hotel is another of the hotels listed in this area. Here you can enjoy golf, and the Mauna Kea. The views are spectacular. The hotel also offers views of Hilo‟s best-dressed gardens, as well as a pool to dip and cool from the heated sun. Hotel Castle has some of the finest seafood available as well. Regardless, anywhere you stay in Hawaii, Hilo you will enjoy Hawaiian atmosphere at its best.

Castle Hotel Hilo Hawaii

Once you rest at the hotel, you may want to enjoy the hula, hula shows, or the blue roof gigs. The Hawaii people typically call the blue roof event, “Uncle Billy.”

Naniloa Volcanoes is another of Hawaii‟s favorite hotels. The hotel is a few minutes away from Hawaii‟s International Airport. You will also have shuttle access, as well as a tropical view to enjoy. The hotel rests near Hilo Bay as well.

The bay is saturated with green natural landscapes, where you have pathways conveniently available so that you can walk along the garden. In addition, tidal pools, and the fabulous volcano rocks set the market for this area. The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms, suites, and an excellent ocean view.

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You can also enjoy views of Coconut Island, and the snowcapped mountains that set behind Mauna Kea. The Hamakua coastlines are also an attraction you will enjoy while resting at this hotel. The hotel has outdoor pools, a golf course, a fitness center, a spa, cocktails, ocean view dining, and gazebo for weddings, and entertainment, a banquet area, meeting rooms, a gift shop, salon, and more.


Hilo‟ ‘s shopping malls, centers, shops, outlets, and supermarkets offer a surplus of souvenirs, gifts, and more. A Few of the shops include Kekuanaoa‟ ‘s shopping centers, Hattie, which is a Fashion Shop, Puainako, and so on. If you want cool drinks and snacks, visit the Farmer Market, or the Sack „n‟ Save markets. Otherwise, head over to the Safeway.

In summary, Hilo is a wonderful area to visit. If you enjoy nature, fine music, dance, and historical moments, you will enjoy a travel destination to Hilo.

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