Are You Thinking of Hiring Fairground Attractions and Rides for Your Wedding? Here’s Your Guide

Every bride and groom think of having a memorable wedding – one that’s sure to make everyone happy and make them feel like it’s the best wedding ever. But planning a wedding is not an easy matter, and if you want your wedding to be extra special and memorable, the theme and entertainment can make a world of difference. If you want something a bit more unique and exceptional, you could very well go with some great fairground attractions and rides. Fairground attractions and rides will definitely give your wedding an original feel, and it’s a great way for your guests to enjoy themselves. Plus, with the right fairground rides and attractions at your wedding, you have some excellent photo ops as your photographer can capture the genuine smiles and laughter on your guests’ faces too. So, are you thinking of hiring fairground attractions and rides for your wedding? Here’s your guide.

Hiring Fairground Attractions for Wedding

Why you should do it

Fairground rides and attractions will not only give your wedding a unique touch – it’s also an excellent icebreaker for guests who aren’t too familiar with each other. It gives your guests a more casual, fun setting where they can get to know each other and have a brilliant time. A fairground theme is all the rage nowadays, and as a couple, you can make an original statement about your personalities and dynamic if you go for a fairground theme.

But in order to have a fantastic fairground-themed wedding, there are a few points you should consider as well:

  • The venue. First of all, consider your venue. There’s no point in hiring a huge Ferris wheel or carousel if you can’t fit it into your venue or if your venue will become too crowded because of it. If you have a small venue or an indoor venue, you can always focus on other fairground attractions and stalls, such as games (ball in the bucket and looney ladder, as well as tin can alley, are always crowd favorites) and other indoor activities. If you have a lot of kids at the wedding, you can hire a bouncy castle so they can all have fun, too – provided that the venue can accommodate it (you would need extra electrical sockets for this to work as well).
  • The guests. As mentioned, if there are lots of children attending your wedding, bouncy castles make a fabulous choice. But you should also think about your other guests – what is the average age of your guests, and what do they like? If you are thinking of an adult-only wedding, you can go for artsy signage and a vintage and classic theme for your decorations along with with a traditional carousel (if the space permits). Adult-only games such as stand the bottle and buzz wire are great choices as well. If you are planning to have a good mix between adults and children, you can opt for a festival or fete-style theme, complete with bunting, different types of games for children and adults (such as hook a duck), and so on.
  • The attractions. When it comes to attractions, there are those which have stood the test of time. For instance, popcorn stalls and candy floss stalls are loved by many and hit the hammer goes down well with individuals of different ages, as specialists in funfair stalls for hire like We Are Tricycle can attest. You can even have kissing booths spread around the venue so couples can have some fun, and make sure each kissing booth has a lot of great props as well.

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