Hollywood Glamour Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

Sexy. Sharp. Seductive. Crisp. Classic. Dramatic. These are all words you might see used to describe old Hollywood glam décor, and none of them would be wrong. Like Hollywood itself, Hollywood interior design needs to be larger than life and to make a statement and steal the show. If you’re thinking of giving your home a glamorous makeover, use these ideas to get you started.


Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

Whether you want to evoke Hollywood glam from the Casablanca era or are thinking of something a little more modern, your home needs mirrors—and preferably of the oversized variety. Think lacquered pieces, metallic accents, mirrored walls, and chandeliers. To really bring your vision to life, ask your interior designer to include a cocktail bar and order yourself a silk robe.


Use Over-the-Top Dramatics

If you think your home has enough drama, it doesn’t — at least, not when it comes to Hollywood glam. Old Hollywood loved large, over-the-top features such as faux fur rugs that covered the entire floor, bronze animal statues, and looming chandeliers. Complete the look not with a standard sofa, but with an ornate chaise lounge that brings to mind a graceful fainting scene.


Choose Your Colors Wisely

Many people assume that Hollywood glam décor has to be all black, white, and metallics. This is not the case. Vibrant, bold colors were extremely indicative of Hollywood Regency style, as many celebrities wished to feel like royalty wherever they went. What colors evoke royalty? Think of jewel tones such as emerald green, deep sapphire, polished gold, and blood reds. The colors shouldn’t be mere accents but rather, should be used liberally throughout entire rooms.


Quirky Touches

Hollywood is all about eccentricity. Help your home fit in with peculiarities made of fine materials placed throughout your home. Lion statues, zebra print, nude figures, and other oddities can bring your home together and serve as conversation starters.

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