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A linear actuator is an electro-mechanical device used for movement control. It’s used in every kind of machine to initialize or stop movement. A linear actuator as the name ‘linear’ suggests, moves objects in a straight line. The mode of operation is a rod on a track, which stretches and retracts.

Whilst massive actuators are common in the robotic, manufacturing, and industries not forgetting marine fields, the creation of smaller 12v actuators makes home automation possible. Microcontrollers control gadgets with electric linear actuators and their mode of operation is either manual or automatic.

Automating your Home using Linear Actuators

If you’re looking to improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality, then, you should consider linear actuators. Actuators used in the home not only provide tranquility but also minimize the amount of effort to accomplish certain tasks. Their use varies but the most effective way to implement them into automation is by extending and retracting.

Here are some examples of home automation projects where linear actuators are in use:

Automated Window Openers

Almost all types of windows may be automated to close and open based on certain factors like room temperature and weather. Actuators for windows improve your home’s internal environment and energy consumption and conservation.

The incorporation of sensors helps regulate your home’s internal temperature. For example, opening a window when it’s stuffy by using heat sensors and closing the window during rain utilizing rain sensors. This is extremely important for forgetful, individuals who don’t spend lots of time at home, the elderly, and the disabled. Remember, in the future, should you leave your window/s open; your smart system’s got you covered.

Automated Recliner Seat

If you have a museum-type recliner seat that’s old and beat down, considering actuators for an upgrade option should be in your cards. It’s a simple solution requiring adding an actuator to replace the inbuilt manual system and a controller. The actuator is connected to the frame of the seat for automation.

The extensive programming of the actuator is required for proper actuator synchronization to better its movement. Although recliner seats differ, their setup is quite the same containing a reclining mechanism, seat, and footrest.

Table Lift

A home workstation is no different from an office one. It’s usually loaded with items and carries lots of weight. You’re required to sit for long periods leading to later health problems.

Setting up a table lift ensures the regulation of your table’s height. The installation of linear actuators is done on top of the table, which then extends and retracts automatically controlled by a remote-controlled system.

TV Lifts

Do you require your flat screen to disappear or remain discrete? Then, installing a TV lift is something worth considering. Although it sounds futuristic, it’s much more real in the world today and practical.

There are two types of lifts pop-up or motorized TV lifts and drop down (ceiling TV lifts). They both require a metallic frame to hold your TV in place, a linear actuator, and a rocker switch controlling the movement of the actuator.

The only difference is the mode of operation. Pop up TV lifts as the name suggests ‘spring out from beneath your furniture and their use is widespread. It can be a cabinet, wall unit, or shelving. Dropdown TV lifts ‘slid down from your ceiling floor.

Although the ceiling TV lift was ideally for recreation vehicles, boats, and yachts, it’s now finding itself in the modern home setting. The installation is not so simple and you’ll require an extra set of hands. However, its operation is sublime providing accurate control thanks to precision sensors.

Garage Door Openers

Having a garage that locks – locks well, has its advantages, like securing your automobile or equipment or items stored if your garage doubles up as a workshop. The only disadvantage of having a safe and secure garage, nonetheless, is opening and closing the heavy doors frequently.

Garage Door Openers

This heavy lifting is an obstacle for homeowners, particularly during harsh weather who opt for an ‘automated’ change. Linear actuators step in providing the muscle to open and close your door precisely using sensors. They are ideal for your constant garage door motion.

Drop down Kitchen Cabinet

A progressive actuator used in your kitchen cabinet provides improved functionality and elegance. It’s ideal for juniors or people in wheelchairs who can’t access top shelves easily. Because of the weight a kitchen cabinet carries, you’ll require a control system and two actuators.

The control of the six applications with linear actuator implementation can either be manual (keys, keypad) or remote controlled. The operation choice of your desired automation project is up to you.

Many of us use appliances and equipment in our homes and don’t know that they contain actuators. Take for example your home entertainment system, your DVD player contains lots of mini actuators for taking in and popping out discs.

Regardless of the size and type of your home, linear actuators in conjunction with the motion system can be used for automation and to improve the functionality of your home, not forgetting elegance. These devices are simple to install and require synchronization using a control box.

It’s also important to know which type of actuator to use for your specific project as they vary. Actuators vary in speed, force, stroke, and input voltage. You may know this by consulting a specialist. Once you’ve consulted, only make your purchase from a licensed manufacturer.

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