Home Improvement Projects to Keep You Busy During the Current Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic came as if out of nowhere; in December cases were reported and the rise continued until it reached unprecedented levels in the New Year – coinciding with the Chinese New Year. At the time it was not projected to spread internationally rather they suggested it would run its course in the city of Wuhan where the outbreak first happened.

When it did reach Europe and the Americas, people went into an all-out panic – there were mass purchases made at supermarkets, people regularly wore masks and protective equipment for ordinary tasks, like walking their dogs, and all forms of human contact and our sense of communal togetherness seems to have flown out of the window.

Establish What It Is You Want to Renovate!

While we are now seemingly housebound and unable to communicate physically with our fellow man it is better than any to fix within reason structural or exterior problems to your home – have you been meaning to fix a shelf for the last year? Does a wonky table leg need adjusting? A broken window, perhaps? This pandemic has afforded us plenty of free time that can be spent at your desire. There is no reason to delay these any longer, now is the time for action!

Exercise Extreme Caution When Renovating on Your Own!

It is still very important, perhaps more so, to exercise extreme caution when undertaking adjustments to your home that could pose a threat to your safety or that of your family. Who undoubtedly will be sharing space with you until the pandemic runs its course. Whether you decide to fix that shelf you must exercise caution when handling nails; when painting you must wear the appropriate protective equipment. Make sure you purchase non-VOC paint so you don’t poison yourself or your family!

Restore a Beloved Item of Furniture!

Have you considered restoring a sofa that may be lying around in the garage, perhaps? You could upholster it and apply new fabric to the sofa so that it is given a breath of new life, a sofa for the kid’s den maybe? It is recommended that for an average sofa, you would need 10m of upholstery, so choose fabric wisely and effectively – you can certainly have it delivered to your door so there should be no problem whatsoever and it will be a project you can hammer away at in the garage until your little heart’s content!

Improve the Garden with Some Astroturf!

Maybe your garden is drab and grey, with concrete blocks and brick walls? There is a solution to that! Pull up the garden tiles and lay down an astroturf. Astroturf is a form of artificial grass that requires very little upkeep and can be maintained with a hoover!

Improve the Garden with Some Astroturf

Renovate your Kitchen!

Perhaps your partner has been bothering you to renovate the kitchen worktops, right? Sound familiar? Well, rather than purchasing marble tops you can purchase faux marble which looks the same and conveys a high-class image! As well faux wood, these are two very common worktops in the 21st century and are quite popular with homemakers.

A custom-built worktop will cost you more than £1,000, so why not do it yourself? As well as renovating the worktops why not implement a gorgeous choice of tiled flooring, or perhaps you could put wooden planks down on the floor? Laminate would do, too, and is very effective in kitchens and very easy to clean. Splashback windows have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and are very easy to do yourself – so why not order some online and fit them, they will suit your lavatory too!

Install a Power Shower!

Talking of your bathroom; why don’t you put in a power shower? If your water pressure does not meet the recommended pressure, then why don’t you install a pump so that you can also get a power shower? Admittedly a knowledge of plumbing would be important for this one, electrics too, although if you know a guy who knows a guy you could probably get the instructions emailed to you online! Great!

Change Your Curtains Around!

Maybe for a while you have had net curtains up and keep catching strangers looking into your living room when they walk past; it can all stop today! Order some blinds, curtains, or a combination of the two and you can install them with relative ease! There is an abundance of traditional and non-traditional curtains online you can order along with the installation guide so you can do it yourself!

If your children are into arts and crafts it could be a project for all of the family; if you order the textiles then you will be able to design and create the curtains with your kids and create a brilliant family orientated living room where everybody pitches in.

It’s important that whatever you choose to do you remain careful and do not pose harm to yourself or your family and exercise caution when undertaking home renovations!

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