Home Maintenance Tips that Cost Literally Nothing in a Rented Flat

For every little effort that you take to maintain your house, you save a lot of expense and energy on the repair and replacement work. In such a case, you need to check for the damage at an early stage and take preventive measures.

If you have recently moved into new flats on rent in Delhi, and are looking at useful tips to maintain a healthy home, we have got you covered.

Maintenance Tips for Kitchen

Your kitchen is a place, which attracts germs and pests due to the presence of food. Below are some of the tips for maintaining the kitchen:

  • Ensure that you use drainage frequently to prevent the clogging of pipes. You can use a filter in the sink to prevent the big pieces of vegetables and food crumbs from entering the pipe.
  • Do you use cutting boards quite often? Apply some oil to it and the other wooden spoons to avoid buying new ones frequently.
  • Have a big garbage bag and make it a habit to trash it at the end of the day to eliminate any possibility of pests.
  • Check the refrigerator regularly for any waste items. If you see that some of the vegetables are getting spoilt, thrash them immediately. Put a piece of coal in the refrigerator to avoid the spread of a foul smell in the refrigerator.
  • Make it a habit to clean your microwave after use. Use a clean and wet cloth to remove the food particles from the microwave.

Maintenance Tips for Bathroom

A bathroom can be considered as the home to germs and bacteria. Your tap may have them, and you may not even know it. Follow the tips mentioned below to maintain your bathroom:

  • Frequently inspect the sealants and grouts for cracks. If so, make use of oxygen bleach.
  • Check your taps and faucets for leaks. Use the plastic wrap method to do so. Keep the tap tight and wrap a plastic bag on the tap. Now, let it sit for some time. If you find that the plastic bag is filled with water, you know that it’s time to fix the leaky pipe.
  • Use germicides and pesticides to keep the germs away from your house.
  • Clean the bathroom every week.
Maintenance Tips for Bathroom

Maintenance Tips for Bedroom and Living Room

The bedroom and living room are the places where you spend most of your time. Hence, you must take ample care of these spaces:

  • Do not bring food to your bedroom. This way, you can stay away from the risk of spilling food crumbs on your bed.
  • Open the windows in your bedroom in the morning to allow sunlight. This will ensure that the bacteria will get killed from the heat of the sunlight.
  • If you are experiencing sleepless nights and bites on your body, get inspected for bed bugs and termites.
  • Keep minimal things in the living room to avoid making a clutter in your living room.

The first step to maintaining a home is to accept that the rental flat in Delhi belongs to you for at least some time. This way, you will develop a sense of commitment towards your rental flat in Delhi and how to start an Airbnb.


  1. Perfect Tips! it sounds good. Personally, I like this tip “Do not bring food to your bedroom” This has to be avoided as much as possible since it prevents from cultivating the good habit of eating.

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