Why Does Your Home Need a Water Filtration System?

The quality of your home’s water system will depend on how it is managed. As much as it is true that there’s little that we can do in restoring the cleanliness of the Earth’s waters, it’s also true that we can help by managing it in our homes. We can do that through the process of filtration.

Filtering water that goes into our homes has become easier nowadays because of water filtration systems. If you haven’t heard of these yet, you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you all about that.

What is a Water Filtration System?

The process wherein water is cleaned or decontaminated through various methods is called water filtration. These methods may either be through a chemical or biological process or a physical barrier. It can also be filtered by combining these processes.

Under this definition, any filter installed in your faucet that aims to remove pollutants and other unnecessary particles or bacteria is considered a water filtration system, no matter what process is used. Of course, this means that having a water filtration system doesn’t necessarily mean that your water is decontaminated already.

That’s because some water filters are not strong enough to remove pollutants, especially physical barriers. This means that you would need an adequate amount of knowledge about what elements must be removed from the water in your home to determine what filtration system must be used.

Why Should Your Water Be Filtered?

This ultimately brings us to the question, should your water be filtered? If it looks clean, why should we bother filtering it? Well, unfortunately, lots of pollutants or harmful chemicals may be lurking in your water. That’s why looking for a company specializing in plumbing should be on your priority list to help you install a water filtration system. Here are some chemicals that should be removed from your water.

Filter Out Chlorine

You’ve probably heard of chlorine before. That’s right! It’s the chemical used in distinguishing bacteria in swimming pools that may be harmful to you. It then begs the question, if chlorine kills bacteria, why filter it? Well, chlorine is quite strong, and it can cause damage to your organs as well. That’s why if your water has chlorine, it must be filtered after it kills the bacteria in your water but before you draw it out of your faucet.

Virus-Free Water

When there’s talk about viruses, you’d often think they’d come from insects, air, or other humans. However, believe it or not, water is one of the most common carriers of viruses. This risk is doubled if you live in areas where the city government does not regulate the water. That being said, you must solve this problem on your own by installing a filtration system.

Remove Excess Fluoride

Just like chlorine kills bacteria in swimming pools, you’ve probably heard of fluoride in toothpaste and how it promotes dental strength and health. While much of that is true, it’s also true that too much of this chemical is also bad for you. Too much consumption of fluoride can weaken your bones and even cause cancer. That’s why a filtration system must be used to lessen the fluoride content of your water, to the point that it’s beneficial rather than harmful.

Reduce Nitrates

Nitrate is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. Just like chlorine and fluoride, nitrate is fine in small doses. However, if your water has too much of this chemical, it can present itself with lots of problems. For example, too much nitrate in your water supply is bad for pregnant women and little children as well. Using a filtration system will bring the level of nitrates in your water to normal.

Filter Out Lead

Have you ever heard of lead-based paints? Those are so harmful that accidentally ingesting them or breathing doses of them regularly can be fatal. That’s why this type of paint has been made illegal. The sad truth is that your water may have this chemical. If you live in a home where the plumbing and the pipes are old and made of lead, there’s a big chance that your water is contaminated by lead. This can easily be filtered out with a filtration system.

Believe it or not, our body is capable of lasting for up to twenty-one days without food. This fact dramatically changes when we talk about water. Our body is only capable of lasting for four days without it. That’s why water is an essential component of our daily lives. With that, you need to guarantee that your home’s water supply is free of contaminants that may harm you or your family. Make sure that you have a house water filtration system installed.

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