Hop on the Rose Gold Jewelry Trend With These Outfit Ideas

What clothing tips will help you hop on the rose gold jewelry trend? Learn the best pieces to wear with this stylish color of jewelry.

If you’re trying to break up your silver and gold metallics with some gems from the rose gold jewelry trend, you’ve come to the right place. Rose gold is loved for its feminine twist on classic metallic pieces. This trend can add just enough pops of color to make every outfit shine, but keep reading to learn how.

Here’s our guide on all things rose gold, from some of our favorite kinds of pieces, plus how to wear and style them with amazing ensembles.

Edgy and Feminine All at Once With Contrasting Rose Gold Earrings

If you love to dare with your earrings and like to edge up your feminine style from time to time, this outfit idea is perfect for you. This idea works especially well for those who have multiple ear piercings, as you can easily layer up this look.

Rock this look by layering up asymmetrically, so that all the glitter is on one ear only for a pop of glitter that doesn’t overwhelm. On the other ear, choose a singular rose gold earring. We love using either earring cuffs or elongated studs to even this lookout.

Try layering earrings into your piercings that are all rose gold, but may have varying designs, shapes or lengths. For example, pick one delicate chain-linked rose gold earring, one that is a stud, or one that wraps up the ear, for a seriously unique jewelry pairing. Adding a long duster earring to this pairing can help give your neck an elongated look.

Because of the layering of earrings, you’ll want to make this sparkle the highlight of your outfit. Pair this with super delicate jewelry, such as a rose gold thing chain necklace, or a simple thin rose gold bracelet or bangle.

We love this look paired with a white tee, leather jacket, and your favorite pair of distressed denim. Finish this look off with a cute pair of sneakers or boots for an on-the-go, effortless look that kills.

Do a Little Layering With Your Necklaces

The layering trend with dainty necklaces of different lengths is huge right now, and we’re loving it with rose gold pieces. Use necklaces of various pendants for a look that is eye-catching and interesting.

This idea pops perfectly on any solid shirt or dress and also works great against your skin when wearing a v-neck or scoop neckline. This look is so versatile because depending on your style, or what outfit you’re wearing that day, you can make this look work for a boho, beachy look or feminine and delicate style.

Rose Gold Cuffs for a Clean Look

A rose gold cuff is such an easy and eye-catching way to make a statement with your bracelets. This look can be so easy to take from day to night, or from work to play. This piece can easily work with almost anything you have on.

For running errands in athleisure, layer this piece with your favorite watch – a look that also totally cute for work. Depending on your style, this look works with either a solid rose gold cuff for a minimal take, but you could always get more glam by selecting an engraved or rhinestone lined option.

Rose Gold Sets for a Perfectly Curated Look

If you want an easy way to incorporate rose gold jewelry into your wardrobe, a rose gold jewelry set can help with that. Wearing a pre-selected set together is a great way to make your outfit complete for someone who loves to make sure they are matching without spending time outfit planning.

This is also such a great idea for a gift for a girl in your life if you want to give some glam. Get a set that includes items such as a combination of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings. Many sets will have a united detail that sets them apart, such as a pearl attachment, or a shaped charm.

This is a great gift idea for anyone who wants a timeless look. We also love the idea of wearing rose gold sets for celebrations or special occasions, such as a spring wedding. This idea works so well because, for such events, you want to make sure you’re wearing awesome jewelry that is all matching and doesn’t overwhelm one another or take away any attention from your dress.

This look goes so well with any spring dress because the pink gold matches your florals or spring tones perfectly. Try pairing your favorite floral maxi dress with a rose gold set. Finish this look off with simple sandals, heels, or wedges.

This look is perfect for spring and summer, because it brings out all the tones of spring colors in your dress, and also shows off a summer tan. Rose gold goes perfectly with any color but is especially great with any sundress that has hints of peach or coral.

Take on the Rose Gold Jewelry Trend With These Awesome Outfit Ideas

The rose gold jewelry trend is such a fun, versatile, and feminine one that can be done in so many different ways, and with any skin type. No matter what your style is, there’s something for everyone with these amazing outfit ideas that incorporate some rose gold bling. Try one of these outfit ideas today!

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