House Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Be Done In No Time

Cleaning the house is a task everyone must do, even if it’s nobody’s favorite. For people who are novices in cleaning, and those who have been cleaning for a long time, time-saving with efficient cleaning is super important. Not many people want to spend their whole day cleaning the house, so we have compiled a list of tips that will help you clean up your house in no time. If you want to clean fast and be efficient, read on.

Clear the clutter

You want to be as efficient as possible, and that can’t be done if you have a lot of clutter lying around. Clutter will only make your job more difficult and time-consuming, so before you start scrubbing, clean everything up. If you de-clutter your bathroom, you will save yourself the pain of moving every almost-empty product bottle all around while cleaning and saving precious time. Clean up all the dishes, papers, clothes, toys, and anything you don’t need. Now you can start scrubbing.

Clean everything at once

The biggest mistake anyone can make is to clean one room at a time. Cleaning is done more efficiently and time-savingly when it’s done at once in the whole house. Choose a task you want to start with and do it in every room at once. Always clean from top to bottom. So, dusting comes first, and cleaning the floors comes last. Spray every surface, let sit, and then wipe. This goes for dust, dirt, toilets, and every other surface. While you are spraying the rest, the agent is working and dissolving most of the grime. After those couple of minutes, dust, wipe, and scrub everything down.

Dust all surfaces

The first task you should check off the list is dusting. Start from the highest surfaces in your home and work your way down. All the dust will fall onto lover surfaces and you won’t have to repeat the dusting process. It is much easier to clean up the dust, as well as prevent the spread of dust everywhere by using a damp towel. The dust will stick on the towel and you can easily flush it underwater and repeat. Don’t forget the corners and backs of the furniture.

Spray the bathroom

Before you start your other tasks, spray the tub, sink, and toilet with a disinfectant. While you are cleaning the rest of the house, the solution will work its magic and you can scrub the surfaces later when you come back. This is also a good time to spray the greasy kitchen counters, vents, ovens, and burners to decrease.

Wipe all glass and mirrors

This can be done at the end of the dusting. Wipe down every glass surface to get rid of dirt, grease, and other substances. Glass surfaces such as coffee tables should be cleaned every day since they collect a lot of dust that can easily be seen. The solution you are using should contain alcohol to break any grease, and not leave any marks behind. Wipe down the window and mirrors with newspapers for a streak-free result.

Scrub all the surfaces

It’s time to clean all the sprayed surfaces. Wash the kitchen appliances with warm water to help you dissolve the grease even further. Sink the stove burners into a degreasing solution to soften the grease and scrub it off. The oven, as well as the fridge, is best cleaned with baking soda and lemon in warm water.

Clean the bathroom

Bathrooms are often nasty to clean, especially if it’s not done regularly. Use a scrubber and sponge to clean all the surfaces. Use a toilet brush for the toilet bowl. When done, clean it with warm water and wipe it down dry. Don’t forget the toilet handle as it’s the most used part that has the most bacteria on it. The top of the toilet and the floor around it also must be regularly cleaned. If your shover’s head needs to be de-calcified, you can soak it in a mixture of warm water and vinegar and then scrub it clean.

Team effort

Cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, and it can be draining, especially if you do it alone. If possible, engage your family or roommates to help you clean and turn it into a group activity. The cleaning will be done much faster and it will be better cleaned too. If you require professional cleaning, Simply Spotless Cleaning offers cleaning services to make your home spotless. It is great if you are running low on time and need a professionally done cleaning.

Clean the floors

The last task is to vacuum and mop the floors. Pass every rug with a vacuum once and sweep the floors. After sweeping, mop the floors with a cleaning solution for the type of floors you have in the house, and you are done. You can hire professionals to aid you in commercial cleaning, you can contact Patriot USA.

You should clean your whole house or apartment once a week to keep it regularly clean. Every day you should do small tasks that keep up the cleanliness of your home, like washing the dishes, vacuuming, or quick mopping every three days and others. Cleaning your house takes time, so organize yourself well to make the most out of time and preserve as much energy as you can.

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