How 2020 Has Changed the Way We Use Technology

Indeed, the way we use technology has changed incredibly in 2020. With people having to stay more at home, there has been a shift in how we interact with the internet. After the coronavirus struck, people had to find ways of settling for the new normal, and the only way to adjust to that was to make use of technology more.

Technological devices and platforms have proved to be extremely significant this year since they have been the main channels of connection and interaction. Here are ways through which 2020 has changed the way we use technology.

Increase in the Use of Video Technology

There is an unprecedented adoption and use of video technology in 2020. Though we have been using video technology before, it has gained massive popularity this year. If they’re perfect beneficiaries of technology this year, video technology platforms must carry the day because they have been the main sources of connections in business, professional, and even social contexts.

The fact that physical meetings couldn’t be held, as usual, people had to turn to technology to ensure that life didn’t come to a standstill. Certainly, video conferencing platforms like Zoom have established their mark in the technological realm this year.

Increase in Video Game Playing For Entertainment

Since people had to stay at home for a longer time, they had to find ways of keeping themselves busy. Imagine having to remain in the house for days and months without going to work as you used to. What do children do if they can’t go to school? Quite frankly, an increase in video game playing was inevitable this year.

It is a source of entertainment that has become a feasible choice for many people. Through this technology, parents have come to adopt and use it as a great way of keeping their children engaged.

Growth of Businesses for Self-Income

The opportunity to develop and grow businesses is always a great move. This is exactly what has happened in 2020. Given that a good number of businesses came to a halt as a result of the pandemic, people had to be creative and leverage the power of technology to try out diverse business ideas to make money. Fortunately, this has led to the setting up of YouTube channels, websites, and blogs for income generation.

Increase in Streaming Activities

Streaming activities have increased rapidly. Many people are exploring different avenues of entertainment through streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. Since gatherings aren’t as they used to be, the best move is to find ways of keeping oneself entertained.

While in the past people used their smartphones for entertainment, now they are using their computers to gain more access to streaming services. This has led to an increase in streaming activities for adults working from home and children staying at home.

Rise of New Ways of Connecting

With people having to settle for the idea of social distancing, we had to find new ways of connecting. Yes, we have been connecting through various technology platforms before, but it has been mainly through messaging.

However, according to an article by the New York Times, we have gone a notch higher in 2020 and people want more. They want to see one another. Thus, video chatting has become more prominent and a big prospect for future interactions.

Without a doubt, technology has grown tremendously in its usage, and this is an indication of its significance in our lives. With these pivotal changes, we can comfortably say that our lives are becoming better and there’s great hope for the future.

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