How a Business Card Can Impress Your Customer

If there is one thing that is very important for businesses to have, it is a positive first impression. One of the most powerful ways to create the first impression is through business cards.

First, it should be understood why it is important to have high-quality business cards to start with.


The first thing that a business card does is to connect your brand with personal interaction. When someone hands you a business card, it is a form of communication and interaction. This is where underlying feelings and perceptions about a company begin.

For example, if you have a business card showcasing a technological product, and then you happen to see a truck featuring that same product a few days later, you will likely reflect on that first experience you have. That is why the business card is important.

Some people refer to this as a “transference of enthusiasm.” Everything that was experienced at that moment will come back to you. Everything from the brief information about the product or service to the contact information will be remembered. The way that it is presented instantly attracts or deters a potential customer.

A tangible connection could also potentially be formed if the potential client keeps it on their person. You may not realize it, but many people feel guilty about throwing away a card. This is usually because they feel deep down that they disrespected someone else or an organization, and throwing it away is essentially representative of how they view them as a whole.

Therefore, if they were to keep it in their wallet or on their desk at home “just in case”, they will make a mental connection between the card and the company. The possibility also exists that they will transfer information to others who may be interested.


Another important factor for business cards is the fact that they are memorable. For most customers who may be interested in giving a company their business, looking at a business card is no different than looking at a piece of art. A story is being told and the onus is on the client to see if they want to engage further in a relationship.

Another reason why a business card is memorable is that the personality and identity of the business are essentially being relayed. The feedback that the card will get will vary based on the design, color, text font, and pictures that are used. A picture is instantly formed and everything that your business stands for may be reflected on that little card.

Now that you understand the potential power behind a simple business card, you should also be aware of the many different designs that can be conveyed on a card to establish identity.


The personal business card is usually the most common kind of card because there is no specific focus on a business or trade. The occupation is the primary focus and will reflect the personality of the cardholder itself.

These kinds of cards tend to have the most creative free sway in design because they are not adhering to an organizational standard.

Social Networkers

This is a unique kind of business card in that communicating habits are being reflected. Traditional contact methods such as addresses or phone numbers are not really used in lieu of forwarding potential clients to social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes, personal IM information may be embedded into the card.


The classic business card design is a tried and true method for many businesses. This is primarily because of the simple format. There is adequate space for company logos and contact information. Sometimes, there is beauty and power in the simplicity of creating a good logo.

The mistake that many make with business cards is trying to do too much. It is simply introducing business in a brief way. The classic route may be the way to go if you are not looking to go over the top.

As you can see, business cards come in many shapes and forms. You can look for business card templates for some preliminary information.

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