How a Career Coach Can Boost Your Chances After College

Does a college degree actually guarantee a decent job?

Maybe it used to; but not anymore. According to the University of Washington’s DO-IT, today’s college grads may spend about three to six months before securing their first job. Worse still, 53% of these graduates end up working at jobs that do not require their college degrees.

Maybe we need to focus more attention on career planning and preparation. But then, most people don’t realize that a career coach can help boost their job prospects and set them up for professional success after college. Let’s see how this works!

Career Coach After College

A career coach can help you land your dream job

If you’re finding it hard to land a job with all of those degrees and qualifications, you should know that you’re getting it wrong somewhere. A career coach can make the difference between searching around aimlessly and getting multiple job offers. They’ll help you fully explore your options and fine-tune your approach.

A career coach can help you improve your job application

It’s one thing to have the needed qualifications and confidence for your job role but getting through the application process successfully will determine whether or not you get the job. A career coach can help you improve your resume and cover letter, among other things that can bring more life into the application process.

A career coach can help you get better at interviews

It doesn’t matter whether you love or dread interviews. Interviews can make or mar your chances of landing your dream job. Perhaps this is where you’ve been missing it all along. Your career coach can help you achieve success with interviews and every step of the job searching process. This may include training and helping you put your new-found knowledge and skills into practice. Hopefully, you’ll be able to hit a home run the next time!

A career coach can help you make important career decisions

You can’t afford to waste away your life in the wrong profession. Perhaps you’re finding it hard to make a choice from different options.  You can trust a career coach to help you make headway. You can leverage the expertise and resourcefulness of an experienced career coach in not just identifying your options but also getting the valuable help you’ll need along the way.

A career coach can help you find career fulfillment

Tony Robbins is credited with saying; Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

This simply means there’s no success without fulfillment. If you want to be happy with your work life, a career coach can help you find the spark you need. Whether this will mean making some changes or changing your perspective, your coach will help guide you in the right direction.

A career coach can help you network your way into success

Maybe you suck at forging relationships and networking. You can always count on a career coach to help you develop your networking skills. This is something you’ll need during your job search and the entirety of your professional career. It won’t matter if you’ve always sucked at this. Career coaching can help you start forging and leveraging valuable professional networks.

A career coach can help you leverage social media

Your professional reputation can get a lot better if you learn how to use social media to your advantage. Your profile on these platforms will influence the opinion of prospective employers about you and so you can hardly get away with a careless profile these days.

It also doesn’t help if employers think you’re out of touch. So actually, this is not something you can just leave; and if you would do it, you have to do it well. Perhaps you’ve been getting this wrong all along, a career coach can help you turn things around.

A career coach can help you negotiate better

While passion has led you here, you deserve to be paid fairly.

You can’t afford to mess up your salary negotiations even though you’re entirely new to this. You have to know your value, show it, and plan everything, right. A career coach can help.

But it also doesn’t stop at this point. A career coach can still help with raise and promotion at any point in your career. Perhaps you’ve been putting in all your best but the boss just doesn’t seem to care? How exactly will you reach the pinnacle of your career if you’re stuck here?

Well, promotions won’t come because you’ve been doing your job really well. According to Tara Jaye Frank, it will come only when you show the potential to do even more. So, how do you do this? Take advantage of career coaching!

A career coach can help if you’re still in school

A lot of time and financial commitment will have to go into your education. However, you may need a career coach to help you if you want to make this work for you. You have to manage your time effectively and land great internships, among other things so you can attract prospects. A good career coach can help with these and more.

A career coach can help you find opportunities outside the corporate sector

Perhaps you’re not even attracted to the corporate world. Whether you’ve always been passionate about starting a career as a creative professional or probably starting a business of your own, the expertise of a career coach will be very useful.

A career coach will help you sharpen your management, networking, and marketing skills. You’ll need to get all of these right to overcome the challenges that may show up in your chosen field.

You see, the value of a professional career coach in boosting your chances after college cannot be overstated. But you really don’t have to wait till you’ve earned your degree to start taking actions. You can start laying your foundation for success right now. Hiring a coach, for example at, will prove very helpful for you in achieving success in the highly competitive labor market so your lack of experience doesn’t put you at a disadvantage.

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