How Android Is Paving The Path In Making Education Apps During Covid 19?

The coronavirus epidemic has prompted the world’s largest-ever remote learning experiment, which is taking place right now. Educating students via technology, commonly known as edtech, was already a fast-expanding field before the epidemic. A smartphone is a breakthrough technology that has a significant effect on our lives; we can do everything with it, from paying bills to buying things online and much more. 

Because of technological advancements, we now have access to almost anything. Knowing that there are many e-learning solutions accessible on the Google Play Store, it is an excellent tool for knowledge exchange. Education is evolving as a result of the introduction of mobile applications and new and sophisticated learning management software.

How Android Is Paving The Path In Making Education Apps

Mobile technology is a remarkable invention. The fact that it is one of the most innovative productivity tools of all time is just the beginning of its significance, though. You may utilize your smartphones and tablets to assist you in learning new skills and expanding your knowledge base. 

There are a plethora of applications available that provide instructional material. You may study fundamentals such as arithmetic and history, as well as more advanced topics such as computer programming and anything else that comes to mind. Here is a list of the top education applications for Android devices!

1. Google Classroom

Students are often expected to complete and submit homework and assignments when enrolled in an educational institution. Furthermore, instructors must examine and mark them as soon as possible. Is this procedure, however, as straightforward as it appears? To put it mildly, all of these procedures are very inconvenient for everyone involved. If there were a method to streamline these procedures, wouldn’t that be fantastic? 

Google Classroom is the most comprehensive answer to this problem. For the most part, Google School serves as a virtual classroom of sorts. We may use it to send out announcements, create courses, start conversations, submit and grade assignments, solicit feedback and replies, share resources, and a variety of other things in a seamless manner.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is, without a doubt, the greatest flashcard application available. It may be used on almost any subject matter. You may use this site to practice vocabulary words for your class, remember vocabulary phrases, and much more.

Aside from that, it features support for several foreign languages, pictures and audio, and the ability to exchange flashcards with pals. When you download the free version, you can only utilize a restricted number of flashcard sets. The pro version does away with all of the restrictions.

3. iCan Educational Games For Children

iCan is an educational software that was created for children who have learning disabilities or other special needs. A never-ending collection of instructional films and activities is available in the iCan app, which is free of advertisements and designed to help youngsters develop social and emotional skills as well as self-care and cognitive abilities.

iCan offers hours of entertainment while also guaranteeing that a range of learning areas depending on individual requirements are addressed. 

A total of 8 games are provided for each subject area, which enables students to practice in several methods. These activities include Matching and Sequencing; Tracing and Tapping; Memory development; Scratch a Sketch and Coloring.

4. Applications For Flashcards

Learners studying for competitive examinations may find flashcard applications to be one of the most convenient teaching and learning tools available. Notes on all key subjects of any particular course will be provided to pupils via the use of this kind of app. Students may also create their personalized flashcards and distribute them to their classmates.

5. Google Entertainment & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is one of the finest learning applications for people who are interested in culture, arts, and artifacts, as well as the tales behind all of the world’s most famous works of art and architecture. Google has collaborated with hundreds of organizations and museums across the globe to provide you with access to culture and art that knows no boundaries. Download it right now and you’ll be well-known in no time.

Bottom Line

The first step for any education company that wants to create mobile apps is to determine the specific needs for the app development. Is it more important for your business to have an app on a single platform or many platforms? If it is available on several platforms, you must choose between developing native apps and developing cross-platform applications.

Finally, you must determine if you want to employ and hire Android app developers Indian firm, depend on in-house developers, or perhaps explore hiring a Freelancer to build the app.

Preparing your children for a good education before they enter school may save you time and money. Once again, be certain that educational applications are being monitored and that the apps are aligned with the curriculum of a normal school classroom environment.

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