How AR Laser Sights Work

There are many accessories to consider adding to your assault rifle. From extended magazines to the different sights, it is up to you how you customize your AR to your liking. But before you fully kit your guns, it is important to know how they work, and why they would benefit you, while also understanding some of their disadvantages.

Lasers built for use with assault rifles, or any gun for that matter, are made as a means to aid in your ability to aim by providing a laser that points to your target. Lasers are fairly easy to install onto your ARs. In most cases, it will slide onto your rail and can be locked in place.

What Makes a Good Laser Sight

Ways to differentiate between the different laser sights would be their weight, color, brightness, reliability, and battery life. Most AR laser sights will have an ample amount of battery life, but it is important to know this, as you don’t want to be taken by surprise if the laser suddenly stops.

Weight is important to consider because you want something that feels sturdy, yet not too heavy as it will be sitting at the end of your rifle, changing the balance and handling. In most cases, the brightness of lasers will be a factor in the price and quality. You can also choose between red and green lasers; this will mostly be a preference with the biggest factor being the ease of target acquisition.

Pros of a Laser Sight

There are a few added benefits to using a laser sight with your AR. It provides you benefits as it helps with target acquisition, helping with an improved aim. This is especially situationally advantageous if you are found in a position where you are unable to bring your rifle up. The times that this will come in handy will include when you have problems with other aiming reticles if they detach, become damaged, or are unusable in one way or another.

This is also helpful if you are carrying objects where your other hand is preoccupied and cannot bring the rifle up in a steady position. This can be important in defensive or retreating positions if you are supporting a person or carrying a child.

Some Disadvantages of a Laser

With the benefits of utilizing the laser, there are going to be some cons tied to using one with your rifle. Firstly, tracking can be difficult if you lose sight of your laser dot. There is a lot to consider in terms of what can get in the way of your laser and the movement of the target that will cause you to easily lose your laser.

Another problem is it creates lazy habits for those who rely heavily on the laser and not any other sights. This can result in improper handling of the weapon. It is also not the best in daylight and is optimal to use in low light situations.

Disadvantages of a Laser

Laser sights are a great accessory to add to your rifles. There are pros and cons of utilizing them, which is why they work best as a supplement or tertiary sight in addition to something like a red dot or even your iron sights. This ensures you gain as much benefit and minimize the disadvantages of the sight.

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