How Bartenders Spot Fake IDs in Texas?

Bartenders in Texas have a unique differentiation theory for IDs. They noticed that current fake IDs are challenging to identify because they look legitimate. A modern Texas fake ID contains the date of birth and a recent photograph of the cardholder.

Students choose out-of-state ID cards to bypass the identification rules of the state. They do this to get alcohol easily. Several bartenders and bouncers are not familiar with the identification of other states. For this reason, students can get fooled easily. It forces these people to use an authentication system to evaluate an ID.

Differentiate Fake and Authentic IDs or Licenses

Just like barcode scanners, some authenticating machines are designed to scan watermarks and holograms on an ID card. These machines can check the authenticity of the cards. Moreover, the police force is using ID apps to scan them.

They can use their mobile to scan IDs because the database can instantly be linked to this app. As a result, it becomes easy to get details of an ID provider. Moreover, this technology needs some improvement to work perfectly against forged identity cards.

As per the officials of Texas, they will soon introduce the best approach to finding a counterfeiting ID. Here are some techniques to find a fake ID:

  • Some bartenders are trained to inspect hidden elements, holograms, or state seals behind the name of a person. These elements are essential to validate the ID card of a person.
  • A few driving licenses of the state come with printed silver Kinegrams. It is not easy to duplicate these elements.
  • Underage people often alter or scratch out the date of birth on ID cards with a doppelganger technique. This method is not effective now.
  • It is possible to compare the colors of a real driver’s license and replicate them to expose flaws and differences. Several fake IDs are printed with inferior printing equipment and ink. As a result, it doesn’t match the DMV sprinting standards.
  • Evaluate the sign of the ID holder to find out if it is real or fake. Remember, signatures can reveal the identity of a person.

The bar managers and police are using the best techniques and technology to stop the use of fake IDs. Students always try to dupe these people with fake IDs. After recognizing a phony ID, the bartender or police may graciously ask about this card.

They give a chance to the user of a fake ID to admit his/her crime. If the user stays adamant about the validity of an ID card, the bartender may call the police force and hand over the user and his/her ID for the appropriate actions.

Legal Consequences of Using Fake IDs in Texas

Under the law of Texas, an individual under 21 with a fake ID or driver’s license may charge a fine of $500. Remember, it is a misdemeanor in Texas to misrepresent your age. In numerous cases, the offender has to pay a $2,000 fine and stay in jail for almost 180 days.  

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