How Bloggers Make Their Traveling Cost-Effective

These days people want to travel more often compared to any other time as social media is booming with travel pages and so do travel influencers.

If you are someone who loves to travel and wants the entire trip to be cost-effective and if you are wondering how exactly bloggers do this then this is the perfect article for you. 

I understand travel can be very expensive. Even if you calculate the cost of hotels and flights it is more than 70% off your entire trip.

What are the things that bloggers do to make the entire trip budget cost-effective and at the same time they also enjoy to the fullest and capture each and everything around the destination? 

First of all, let’s sink in that each and every influence on the internet is delved into affiliate marketing. In fact, they are celebrity influencers who charge a good amount of money from affiliate marketing. Before getting into the details let’s check out what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is nothing but any influence of providing information regarding a product to their audiences on social media or on the blog and then whenever the customer buys that product or clicks on that link provided by the company will provide a certain amount of commission to the influencer the company will provide a certain amount of commission to the influencer. 

Basically, you will be getting paid for promoting a brand product but it is important for you to ensure that your audience is interested in that particular product.

For instance, if you are a travel blogger then you can simply promote travel-related products such as bags for hiking or luxurious bags that can be carried around in the jungles or in the woods depending on the type of audience you have on your social media. 

Believe it or not, travel is connected with fashion influencers a lot as there are so many women and men who are promoting holiday dresses on social media and influencing people to buy them.

Affiliate marketing programs such as WhatsWorth allow anyone to register for free and also provide free products to the influencers so that they can actually show them by using it.

If your audience purchased that product then such affiliate marketing programs are going to pay you a good amount of commission for each and every product that they sell.

Sponsored posts

Besides affiliate marketing, there are influencers who also charge directly to the company to pay them for adding a particular post to the account.

This type of post is called a sponsored post in which the person is directly referring to the company’s products and not relying on a percentage as we could charge a lump sum amount. 

This is basically done by celebrity influencers who have a maximum number of followers on social media handles such as Instagram and Twitter. There are celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Dwayne Johnson, and so on, who charge millions of dollars for adding one post on their social media handles.

However, the company is looking forward to small influencers as well who are able to sponsor posts on the profile considering they have between 10,000 followers to 1 million followers.

If you are a travel blogger and you have a good amount of followers then you can simply ask the hotels to pay for your stay and instead, you will be posting about the hotel and promoting it on your social media handles this way the cost becomes very less of the entire trip.

Get Discounted Rates

There are many hotels and flights available that actually provide a discount to travel influencers for just posting about them on social media.

They are online booking portals that actually provide a good amount of discount to influencers who can promote flies from their portal such as 

Free Products

Just imagine what you are going to have what are the things that you would like to purchase?  There is a list of things that people usually purchase before going on a vacation such as new clothing, beauty products, hygiene products, and so on.

Imagine if someone is providing you with all these products absolutely free!

That’s why there are so many affiliate marketing programs that actually provide you with testing products absolutely free you can use them on traveling and you can recommend them in your videos or in your post on social media and you don’t have to pay anything including the import charges. 

Affiliate marketing programs such as WhatsWorth influencers to get products to the doors steps for absolutely free and in return, all they ask for is valuable feedback.

You don’t have to be Biased about the company’s product instead, you can be honest about how you feel, and even if there is something negative you can definitely mention that in your reviews.


These are some of the ways that actually reduce the overall cost of a blogger whenever they go on a vacation. However, one of the most important things is that you need to be a transparent audience.

For instance, if you are getting a sponsored post then you need to mention in a profile that this particular post has been sponsored by the x y z brand.

Being honest with your audience is very important as people understand very well what kind of product you are saying to them and if their experience of using the product is not similar to yours they might not even buy anything on your recommendation. 

Last but not least,  do not start travel blogging just because you want products for free as you will be getting all these products only when you have a good amount of followers and you have already been in this business for a couple of months. 

So, if you are genuinely interested in becoming a travel blogger then these are the perks that you can enjoy after a couple of months. Also,  you can learn more about traveling and various other topics on ViralRang.

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