How Boomcaster is Bringing a Revolution in the World of Video Podcasting

The world of technology has seen many revelations over the last couple of decades. Whether it’s Apple unveiling their first iPhone 14 years ago, or Google launching its search engine to compete against the likes of Yahoo.

Both of these tech giants have revolutionized the way we see technology around us. And that’s not it. With the birth of Facebook, there was this wave of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, which sort of redefined the genre.

And when we talk about the world of podcasts and Vodcast, we know that it is dominated by some big players like Auphonic, Adobe Audition, and Audacity. As an aspiring Podcaster, this is not good news as it leaves you with very few options to choose from.

Below par recording quality, network issues, and recording lags are something that every podcaster faces. And there hasn’t been software that eliminates all of these while giving you a smooth user interface, YET.

Introducing Boomcaster. On paper, it is an Audio and Video conferencing software that modulates high-quality audio without any network issues. But when you look at all the features it offers, it covers all the bases of Live Podcasting and Vodcasting.

As bewildering as it may sound, Boomcaster is one of those hidden gems that every podcaster would have on its wishlist. And it is safe to say, it is bound to become the next “Big Thing” in the world of Podcasting.

What is Boomcaster?

Boomcaster is a revolutionary platform that empowers content creators to Podcast, Videocast, and Live stream from parts of the globe. With this, Boomcaster also offers studio-like audio quality which is an exclusive feature to date.

When you bid it against competitors such as Castos and Riverside, who are somewhere in the same territory, you will notice that Boomcaster steamrolls them in terms of quality and accessibility.

For example, most of the video conferencing software out there relies on your network quality. This can become a massive drawback for you in case you are in the middle of an interview and you face network failure. No one wants their coveted interviews to be destroyed with substandard recording solutions. This is where Boomcasters step up.

It records everything on a private cloud studio, so network quality or the distance between you & your guest cannot affect the quality of the interview. Not only that, but Boomcaster also records media locally from each participant, so you get two recordings of every session, which in turn allows you more control over the final edit.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as Boomcaster has tons of unique features to offer, some of which we have discussed below:

1. Breathtaking Studio Quality

Just the idea of bringing like-minded people on your podcast from around the globe sounds so endearing. And looking at the current situation, we think that Live Conferencing is the next big thing for podcasters.

So we start with the standout feature of Boomcaster. It offers a Studio-like recording quality, which is exclusive when you compare it to some of the other prevalent Audio and Video conferencing tools. Not only that, but Boomcaster also sets the benchmark for quality.

2. Glitch-Free Recording

Glitches, Lags, and Dropped internet connection. These three words perfectly sum up what live video/audio podcasting is about. These snags can entirely mess up the experience you are trying to create for your viewers. And on top of that, your guests can also get irritated by it.

But with Boomcaster, you can record your interviews in your private cloud studio. With this, you can also keep your podcast in an organized manner. There is also an option of Double-Recording recording which lets you record locally and through video conferencing simultaneously.

3. Custom Sessions

Custom Sessions in Boomcaster are specifically designed to give you and your viewers a personalized experience of your podcasting session. You can revamp the logo and your specific color palette.

This is again a specific feature to Boomcaster only. When you think about long-term growth and expanding your brand on multiple platforms, this feature can come in handy. For reference, there is no other such platform that allows its users such freedom and personalization.

4. Transparent Pricing

Pricing is one of the most crucial factors when you make any purchase. Having a single, transparent structure for almost everything included in the software is a blessing. And Boomcaster does exactly that.

With one simple plan, Boomcaster doesn’t charge you for any extra recording time. So you can stop worrying about keeping an eye on the time meter. And there is also no need to commit to minutes you don’t need.

How Boomcaster is Bringing a Revolution in the World of Video Podcasting

With all the mindblowing features & efficiency that Boomcaster offers, it is only a matter of time until it becomes the next big thing in the world of podcasting. The revolution is already underway, and you will notice several articles revolving around the internet on why Boomcaster is so good.

And lastly, we would like to conclude on this note by saying that if you are an aspiring podcaster and even a veteran in the field, you should consider trying Boomcaster for once. And you’ll get to know why there is so much hype around it.

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