How Buying Kratom Capsules in Bulk Can Save You Bucks

For centuries, laborers in Southeast Asia have turned to kratom to find energy, tranquility, and effective pain relief. Now that it’s made its way to the United States, people across the country are learning as much as they can about this exciting herbal supplement

While most people prefer to consume kratom leaves dried, powdered, and blended into a tea, there are other methods you may want to try. This includes kratom capsules!

Containing all the therapeutic benefits of kratom without any of the mess, capsules offer a discreet and convenient way to feel your best, morning or night. Plus, when you buy them in bulk, you can save money on your monthly supply!

Today, we’re taking a closer look at how to get the kratom capsules you need, without breaking the bank.

What Are Kratom Capsules?

Kratom capsules contain individual doses of kratom. Inside each capsule, you’ll find dried kratom leaves ground into a fine powder.

On each box of capsules that you buy, the manufacturer should list the amount of kratom in one capsule. Once you know your ideal dosage, you can calculate the number of capsules you’ll need to take to achieve your desired effects. For instance, if each kratom capsule contains .5 grams of kratom and you know that you need three grams, then you will take six capsules per dose. 

While there isn’t a universally approved kratom dosing guide, the general limits are as follows:

  • One to five grams: Low to moderate dose
  • Five to 15 grams: High dose
  • More than 15 grams: Ultra-high dose

While you can purchase a capsule filling machine to create your own DIY kratom capsules, it’s easier and more cost-effective to buy them pre-filled.

Benefits of Kratom Capsules

With so many different types of kratom, why should you consider buying this supplement in capsule form? There are a few different benefits you can achieve when you go this route, such as:

  • Easier to consume
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Easier to take with you
  • More discreet consumption 
  • No mess during preparation

Need a little mid-day pick-me-up to help you power through the 3:00 workday slump? Your co-workers might notice if you take the time to brew a cup of kratom tea in the company kitchen! However, no one will think twice if you take a few capsules. 

Discretion is a primary benefit of kratom capsules, as is the mess-free aspect. While powdered forms can be effective and healing, they can also be messy and difficult to measure, especially for first-timers. Plus, with kratom capsules, you don’t have to worry about the bitter taste that turns some people away from raw kratom!

Why You Should Buy Kratom Capsules in Bulk

Before kratom became popular in the West, curious consumers would be hard-pressed to get their hands on the powerful supplement. Now, however, it’s easy to find from reputable online retailers.

When you buy kratom capsules, it makes sense to go ahead and stock up on a few months or even a year’s worth of supply. Why should you buy these in bulk, just as you would do toilet paper or your favorite protein bars? Here are a few reasons why this is an economical and smart move.

Unit Prices Are Lower

Many distributors will sell their best kratom capsules in bulk, offering discounts for those who buy more than one bottle. This means that you get a lower unit price! Over time, this decreases the price you pay in the long run. 

While the discounted price might not seem like too much at first, saving even a few dollars each time can really add up. If you already know that you love the effects of kratom, it only makes sense to get more for your money.

You Can Save on Shipping

While many companies are jumping on the Amazon train and offering free shipping, it’s important to keep in mind the definition of “free”. Most of the time, they aren’t exactly eliminating shipping costs altogether. Doing so would mean that their company would lose money. 

Instead, they’re making the unit price higher, rolling it into the cost of the product itself so you only think that you’re getting a good deal. If they don’t do take this approach, there is usually an associated shipping cost for the product. 

Either way, if you don’t buy in bulk, you’ll find yourself re-ordering every few weeks to make sure you don’t run out. If you’re paying $3 for shipping each time, you could spend enough to cover another bottle of capsules before too long! When you buy a large amount all at once, you only pay for shipping one time.

While the shipping price might be higher to reflect the heavier weight, it will usually be less than if you paid for individual shipments.

You Can Maintain a Consistent Supply

Once you find the type of kratom that you prefer, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your favorite strain on hand all of the time! Missing even a few days could throw you off balance and leave you feeling the same symptoms you were trying to alleviate. 

This is another reason why it pays to buy in bulk. As long as you have enough space to store your extra bottles, you can rest assured that your stash is always full and you’re never too far from the capsules you need to feel your best.

Experience the Benefits of Kratom For Yourself

Kratom can deliver potent relief against a variety of ailments ranging from chronic pain and fatigue to depression and anxiety. Once you discover its physical and mental benefits, you’ll want to make sure you always have enough on hand. 

When you buy kratom capsules in bulk, you can maintain your supply and save a ton of money along the way! As long as you verify the reputation of the company you buy from, this is a great approach to try. 

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