How Can You Build Healthy Bones?

Everyone must agree to the fact that regular exercise keeps our bones well. But surely there may be hardly anyone who knows the fact that w a wine glass can take care of your bone health very well. But the question is how?


Some theories

A recent study done on women has shown that in their age of fifties and the early sixties a woman can prevent the loss of bone with restrained consumption of wine. Another study says that the group of people who are not the ardent lover of wine but take wine often are not like that blessed one who has a comparatively higher bone density with adequate mineral in bones and take alcohol as per limitation and in a regular basis.

But the whole theory is made for the women. The modern study has found that our body keeps continuing the process of bone remaking. When a fragmented piece of bone gets dissolved our bone renewal process starts automatically. But when women reach the stage of menopause the absorption rate increases in a body and as a result, there happens some incident of loss of bone to every woman. Actually, when bones waste away, each time we get a discharge of protein that was once the part of our bones and thus we, the women, get loss of bone when they are at their old age.


 Blood texture with wine

To find out some unrevealed answers researchers at first take the samples of blood from the body of those women who take alcohol on a regular basis. The researchers take the samples of their blood even after a couple of weeks later when those women are told not to take any alcohol or Sokolin Fine Wines at all in the form of wine with great astonishment the researchers discovered that the producer of blood were automatically high in their body to indicate that their bones are being destructed when those women stopped their drinking. But when those women had a wineglass especially at the night time they were capable of slowing down the procedure of loss of bone.


Beneficial wine

So, the study has concluded that the consumption of alcohol may be helpful if we, the women take it with modest quantity according to the recommendation of the physicians. Though there are some around us who often misinterpret the studies and eventually he gets the harmful effect of alcohol on their bones when they cross their limit. Actually, the limitations of alcohol for the women are 7 – 9 drinks per week if you want beneficial usage of wine, but it is not for below 25 aged women who are still in the process of making their mass of bone.


So, whenever you drink measure your limitation because the more you drink, the more, you get the possibility of bone fracture because heavy drinkers lack the required quantity of calcium for the health of bones and very often get falling for their deficiencies of nutrition.


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