How Can You Make a Virtual Office Christmas Party Fun?

The pandemic limited the world from celebrating significant festivals and confined all within their walls. However, the event industry is now filled with countless virtual event platforms, making the virtual celebration of major festivals possible. The time to host Christmas and holiday parties is here, and we are sure you don’t want to miss out on the celebration. 

In this blog, we have covered some of the top ideas to host a fun virtual office Christmas party.

Top 12 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Office

#1 Send Virtual Invitations

To kick start the fun, send exciting virtual invitations to all your attendees. You can design a branded invitation with a Christmas theme, so your attendees already know that an exciting and fun virtual Christmas celebration awaits them. It is not necessary to send virtual invitations only. You can also send a hard copy of the designed invitation along with some Christmas goodies to all your event participants. This idea will help you entice your remote participants to attend the party.

#2 Organize a Virtual Tambola Night

Any celebration or party is incomplete without the Tambola housie game. It is one of the best virtual Christmas games for work.  It not only adds to the entertainment but also becomes a way for people to interact and engage at the virtual party. You can designate a number-caller for the game and decide on different prizes. You can also share the rewards the winners are going to get to build up the enthusiasm for the party game.

#3 Ask Your Attendees to Come Dressed-Up

The most exciting part of hosting and attending a party is getting all dressed up for the party. However, as the Christmas celebration is not over at a physical venue, your attendees might feel disheartened for not being able to wear the costumes they decided on long ago. Therefore, ask all the participants to be dressed up for the party.

Another excellent virtual Christmas party idea for work is to organize a Christmas-themed costume contest to level up the fun and excitement.

#4 Theme-Up the Party

Providing a theme for your party is one of the best virtual Christmas celebration ideas to add to the fun at the virtual feast. It will also elevate your attendees’ excitement level for the party. Therefore, introduce a party theme to your virtual Christmas celebration. Following are some of the most excellent theme ideas:

  • Friends of Rudolph
  • Tree-Decorating Bash
  • Letter Writing Party
  • Christmas Characters
  • Pajama Party
  • DIY Christmas Decorations
  • Christmas Movie Marathon

#5 Introduce a Memory Slideshow

We are sure that everybody has some holiday story that is worth sharing with your office mates. So why not dedicate a session at your party to sharing holiday memories and stories? You can ask your attendees to share their pictures and videos related to their holidays beforehand so you can make a slideshow out of it. Then on the party night during the session, your attendees can share their stories with all through the slideshow. 

#6 Include an Entertainment Session

There’s a possibility that your attendees might start feeling bored out if you keep long sessions going even if they are fun. So, dedicate a session as an entertainment break. In this fun session, you can call a professional entertainment board where your attendees are free to have fun while the entertainer goes on. Following are the top entertainment ideas to enhance excitement at your virtual Christmas celebration:

  • A karaoke session
  • Christmas-themed dance performances
  • Carol singing session
  • Engaging Games like Guess That tune
  • Christmas art and craft

#7 Give a Toast to All Your Employees

Appreciation and encouragement are two very significant things when it comes to your employees’ performance. It not only makes them happy but also motivates them to work harder. Therefore, dedicate a session to appreciate your employees for their hard work and achievements. Another idea is to organize a virtual award show and recognize your employees’ dedication to their work and the organization. It will also encourage them to perform better in the future. 

#8 Virtual Talent Show

Arrange a talent show to further level up the fun where all your attendees can show their unique talent. It is an exciting virtual Christmas party idea as all your attendees will get to know each other better. You can inform your attendees about this session beforehand while sharing the party agenda with them, so they can prepare for the talent show. This session at your party will be full of surprises as none of the participants will know what’s coming in the session. 

#9 Virtual Christmas Movie Night

Isn’t a Christmas celebration incomplete without watching holiday movies? In fact, for many, watching movies with their friends, family, and colleagues during holidays is an important aspect. Therefore, to continue with the tradition, organize a virtual movie night at the virtual Christmas celebration. Share the film you want to stream with the virtual event platform provider before the party night so they can make all the necessary arrangements. 

You can also stream Christmas episodes from famous TV shows like Friends and the Office.

#10 Send Swag Bags

Who doesn’t like gifts? Sending swag bags is one of the best ideas to enthrall your attendees and induce excitement for your online celebration. You can send this bag along with the invitation and include exciting Christmas-themed goodies. Following are some of the top things you can include in the swag bags:

  • Holiday Accessories
  • Cozy blankets and cute socks
  • Office Accessories
  • Candles
  • Party Activities’ details
  • Candies
  • Tree Toppers
  • Gift Cards

#11 Virtual Christmas Escape Room

Kickstart the interaction and conversation between your attendees with the best online game of virtual escape room. You can theme up the game with the Christmas vibes. It is an excellent ice-breaking game for your attendees as they get to interact while solving the puzzles. 

#12 Do a Good Deed

Spend some time doing a good deed and dedicate a session where your attendees can share their experiences. Good deeds can be anything from giving clothes to the poor to feeding a dog. During the session, everybody can share pictures and stories of their good deeds to spread positive vibes. 

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