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How Can You Make Portable Bleachers More Comfortable?

Many people find sports entertaining to watch, especially when you are given a chance to watch them live. You can feel the tension and the excitement while watching on the side of the court.

An audience can also create a significant impact on sports because the audience can give motivation and boost the confidence of the athletes or players. This means that taking care of the audience is one way of having a successful sports event if you plan to organize yourself.

With that being said, a perfect way to take care of the audience is to provide them with a comfortable place to stay, where they can comfortably watch the game and cheer to their heart’s content. Although giving a portable bleacher for your audience to sit in may seem to be enough, there are still a lot of ways to provide them with better accommodation and make them feel comfortable. 

If you want some ideas on how to make your portable bleachers more comfortable, here are five ways that surely help you out:


1- Choose a spacious portable bleacher

In choosing which portable bleachers you should buy, it is crucial to examine them first hand and make sure that it’s durable enough to accommodate big groups. Get a couple of friends or family members to help you test the portable bleachers. Ensure that you would still be able to stretch your legs and move freely when you are at the top line without causing discomfort to the people sitting below you. You can check this page for a variety of portable bleachers that you can choose from, or you can go to the nearest sports supply store in your area.


2- Bleacher cushions

Adding a bleacher cushion is one way of making your portable bleachers more comfortable to use. There are a variety of options that you can choose from, and these cushions come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. Cushions are better and much more comfortable than sitting on the hard surface of the bleacher.

If you have a tight budget, you can create your bleacher cushions by recycling some old clothing or bedsheets. It doesn’t matter for as long as it serves its purpose but make sure it’s still presentable.


3- Portable stadium chairs

Portable stadium chairs are foldable, which means that they are efficient and easy to carry. Portable stadium chairs will add comfort to your audience since it’s back support has a soft cushion. Your audience can lean back and feel more relaxed while watching the game. Also, some stadium chairs have cup holders and snack pockets, which makes them more convenient.


4- Secure a pathway

People walking in and out of the bleachers to get some food or beverages are really annoying and disturbing to others watching the game. Having a designated entrance can help fix this discomfort because this will also prevent people in the bleachers from passing in the wrong direction. This also allows people sitting on the bleachers to exit safely and calmly because they know where to go.


5- Place a trashcan

Who would want to sit on portable bleachers full of trash and plastic? Providing a trash can for each bleacher will prevent people from throwing their trash on the ground and also prevent them from going down to throw their trash. This way, you would minimize disturbance and maintain cleanliness in the area.

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