How CBD Oil can Help Calm your Nerves and Decrease your Anxiety Level

The benefits that accompany the use of CBD oil are enormous. From treating insomnia to decreasing the effects of glaucoma, CBD oils have numerous functions. Some reports claim that CBD oil can also reduce anxiety, or calm the nerves.

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent behavioral and emotional problems we face in our current society. A report by the WHO (World Health Organization) released in 2017, showed that almost 264 million people worldwide live with anxiety.

But, with the legalization of the use of industrial hemp, we anticipate that CBD will become a reliable remedy for conditions such as depression, anxiety, as well as other devastating disorders.

But What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition in which a person exhibits excessive worry and restlessness. People having anxiety tend to have difficulties in making decisions, public speaking, and criticism tolerance, among other situations.

Anxiety comes in many forms, including social anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), panic disorders, agoraphobia, and more. However, it is widely believed that cannabidiol can enable you to handle the symptoms of these conditions.

Anxiety treatment

So, How Does CBD Oil Relieve Anxiety?

Generally, cannabis is famous for its relaxation traits and is mostly used by people to help them calm their nerves. However, although most of the research has been on marijuana as a whole and not CBD oil as a separate product, various studies show that CBD oil can help calm nerves and relieve anxiety.

A study that was conducted in 2010 showed that CBD oil not only helps people feel better but also alters how the human brain responds to anxiety. However, while various studies show that cannabis can deal with anxiety, some suggest that the use of marijuana may make a person susceptible to stress and anxiety.

Many people who suffer from anxiety use hemp oil, and CBD oil, as well as other cannabis supplements. They do so to relieve their worrying or to find better sleep.

Various Studies On Cannabidiol

Although studies on the use of CBD oil have not been exhaustive, there are still multiple studies that prove that the oil is ideal for reducing anxiety. For example, a 2016 case study by The Permanente Journal, it showed that cannabidiol could become a safe product to treat both insomnia and anxiety related to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also, in earlier research done in 2014, concluded that CBD oil has anti-depression, as well as anti-anxiety effects, however, it was only tested on animals. In 2015, an investigation of previous studies reported that CBD oil could treat various anxiety forms. These anxiety types include panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder.

However, this report warned that there was minimal data on the use of CBD oil for long-term cases. Therefore, although the research sturdily shows that cannabidiol can treat short-term anxiety, there is less information on the effects of long-term use of the product.

Also, another case study done in 2016, targeting a child with a trauma history, showed that the use of cannabidiol helped to reduce anxiety in the child. Cannabidiol also enabled her to experience better sleep. This indicates that CBD oil is ideal for treating PTSD and sleep disorders.

Therefore, cannabidiol is a great product to lower anxiety, as well as decrease various symptoms that come from numerous brain disorders and other psychological conditions.

Neurochemistry and CBD

Are you aware that your body is built in a way that can precisely process cannabinoids? Well, that’s a fact. The system is called the ‘endocannabinoid system.’ 

The system is responsible for homeostasis, which is the ability of your body to maintain balance in your health. What this means is that CBD oil can regulate your mood, sleep, appetite, as well as your anxiety level at any specific moment.

A fascinating fact about cannabidiol is that it can influence your brain receptors that respond to anxiety. For instance, cannabidiol works similarly to SSRIs. These are a branch of psychiatric drugs that are explicitly designed to treat depression and anxiety. In the same way, CBD supplements bring serotonin to standard levels, which significantly reduces anxiety symptoms.

 How Much is CBD Oil Ideal for Anxiety?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves the use of CBD oil supplements to treat various psychological and medical conditions. However, they firmly differ from organizations that promote CBD oil as a 100% guarantee to cure severe medical conditions.

In terms of dosage amounts for anxiety, experts are still in the process of finding the right dosage. This is because although the FDA approves the use of CBD oil, the dosage will depend on multiple factors within your body. For example, various factors such as age, weight, the intensity of the symptoms, and more, will significantly determine the dosage.

Luckily, cannabidiol doesn’t have any psychoactive effects and it’s safe. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about whether or not you will overdose.

The worst that can happen if you take high doses is getting dizzy or nauseous. If you feel such effects, know that you have taken more CBD-based supplements than you should.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,  CBD oil is suitable for calming nerves and reducing anxiety. However, you should consult a medical specialist, or the manufacturer, to determine the right dosage for you.

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