November 25, 2021

Ahmed Montasser


How Collaborations With Decentralised Technologies Impact Insurance Sector?

The crypto world has enhanced its features further with the new version of MCDEX. This high-end perpetual contract is priced in Ethereum and uses smart contract technology. It is powered by the revolutionary technology called AMM. The new standard is the most user-friendly version that any DEX traders have experienced. It aggregates the highest market liquidity which ensures the traders achieve greater capital efficiency. Its impeccable feature including the market diversification allows all the users to create a permission-less contract which proves that MCDEX has no boundaries when it comes to assets offered. Comparatively, it has the lowest fee but fast-paced trading that users experience with instant confirmation. These features encourage Partnerships between Emerging MCDEX and Major Insurance Companies today.

What are the benefits of DEXs?

There are several benefits of DEX as compared to the conventional financial transaction methods.

  • The decentralized exchange gives more cost efficiency as the long-term pricing is less.
  • The permissionless feature allows no one to control or make any changes to the transactions.
  • The users experience complete safety and security of the funds as they gain full custody which indicates less risk.
  • The most crucial use of the DEX is no limit for transactions or withdrawals.

Today with upcoming trends and innovations in the market to keep up with the pace every industry urges to make great collaborations. One such new-age partnership arising in the market today is between MCDEX and the insurance industry. The decentralized exchange has elaborately offered innovative solutions to the insurance industry. A few of them are:

  • The smart contract that is event-triggered
  • More efficient backend technologies
  • Disintermediation
  • Offering reasonable quotations
  • Proper risk analysis
  • New versions of schemes and policies
  • Tapping right and needy customers

Find out more on how the decentralized exchange can increase efficiency in the insurance sector;

Cost efficiency:

The insurance industry involves tremendous laborious tasks that deal with administration, scheme development, product development, underwriting, etc. By adding technological innovation there will be an enormous amount of reduction in cost while carrying out the tasks. The automation primarily will help in the fast completion of claims, verification of sum assured between the company and the insurer. The automation will lower the administrative costs while carrying out the activities.

Data transfer:

Insurance companies have multiple data transfers going on. These include electronic health records, verification of identity, verification of policies, and many more.  The addition of technologies will help in incorporating automation in every aspect of the industry making it risk-free, error-free, and offering fast and secure data transfer.

Crypto platforms and their technologies are trending topics in every industry. These digital currencies mainly benefit the users with secure transactions.  The data and information shared between parties on the platform are totally encrypted which makes it extremely secure.  The companies can therefore be relaxed about the safety of the data and privacy of the customers. Insurance companies can draw maximum benefit from the partnership as the privacy, cost reduction and high-speed service will leverage the performance and impact business growth. It will ensure accuracy, security, and trust in the insurance industry.

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