How Do I Increase The Market Cap Of A Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency market caps are a moving target. As of this article’s publication, the total value of all cryptocurrencies is roughly $150 billion, with earned BTC accounting for nearly half of that at $75 billion. However, the crypto cap has fluctuated dramatically over the last decade. The value was just under $10 billion in April 2017 and peaked at over $1 trillion in December 2017 before falling back to its current level. This volatility means that even if a particular coin or token isn’t doing well today, there’s always a chance it will rise in value or fall further.

Crypto-to-crypto exchanges

The most common way to trade cryptocurrencies on the market is via crypto-to-crypto exchanges. These platforms allow you to buy and sell various coins, but not for fiat currency (e.g., U.S. dollars).

Many exchanges have the same basic idea: you deposit funds into your account and then trade that money for another token or coin. You can then withdraw your tokens into a wallet address of your choice or continue trading on another exchange if you don’t want to use the same one twice in a row.

Crypto-to-fiat exchanges

Crypto to fiat exchanges are the simplest way to increase your coin’s market cap because they allow you to buy and sell coins with fiat currency. This means that if you have $5,000 in cash and want to buy 1 BTC for USD 1,000, you can do so. Likewise, a crypto-to-fiat exchange will meet both parties’ needs if someone wants USD 5 million worth of Bitcoin but only has 100 ETH. For one person who wants to exchange crypto for crypto or crypto for fiat.Another person who wants to exchange fiat for crypto or vice versa.

Suppose someone is interested in buying a certain cryptocurrency but has no online payment method. They may also be able to purchase their desired digital asset using a credit card at some point during the process.

Newcomers to the ecosystem

Newcomers to the ecosystem can help increase your market cap in a few different ways, depending on their level of involvement and knowledge. The first way is by trading. You can trade cryptocurrency with Bitcoin trading software. Many people who are just getting into cryptocurrency have more money than they know what to do with, so they might be interested in buying up coins or tokens based on advice from others and then holding them until they become more valuable.

The second way newcomers can increase the market cap is by buying mining equipment (GPUs, ASICs) and then using it to mine cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. Finally, newcomers may also want some tokens or coins for themselves to trade with other people who want them or use them for their purposes.

Speculation through media and marketing

You may be able to increase the market cap of a cryptocurrency by using media and marketing. This could include social media, news outlets, or other channels.

  • The coin creators can do this themselves by creating videos, holding conferences and interviews, etc.
  • Third parties may also be able to help you with this, for example: if you have an ICO that needs more attention. They might offer their services for free or for a fee. If you hire someone else to do it instead of doing it yourself, ensure they have experience in this area before hiring them. So that when they present information about your project, people will listen because they know what they’re talking about! You don’t want people looking at something else when reading up on it. So keep this in mind while planning exactly how much money should be spent on advertising campaigns and where those funds will come from.


As you can see, there are many ways to increase cryptocurrency’s market cap. It’s important to remember that your crypto’s growth depends on many factors and not just one thing. You need good marketing, smart developers, and business people behind it, as well as good relationships with other companies in the space who might want collaborations or partnerships with your project.

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