How does a Height Safety Certification service provider conduct the Procedure of Certification?

Height safety certification and re-certification are essential for any work that needs personnel to work at heights. Occasional inspection from a height safety certification service provider will make sure that your place and workers are safe.

A qualified individual must do height safety certification before a system is utilized for the first time. After that, roof safety re-certification is needed annually to make sure that the system is still compliant and safe.

Height safety re-certification includes a complete inspection of your place by professional height safety technicians. The expert service providers make sure all your height safety systems are in good working order.

If you hire a professional to get your workplace certified, that individual will check every aspect to ensure that your workplace is safe. The following pointers explain how the height safety expert conducts the procedure of certification:

Re-Certification of a Safety System

Whenever the workers require to operate at heights, their safety is the most significant element to be considered. Every worker deserves a safe working environment, and even if you already have installed a height safety system at your workplace, you need to ensure that it is still in good working condition.

For most workplaces, height safety re-certification is required to be done every 12 months. This is a commitment that can’t be ignored since unsafe height safety systems can cause deaths or serious injuries.

Therefore, the appointed height safety certification service provider inspects the premises and provides re-certification of safety systems, if it matches the safety standards.

Checks if the Roof Anchors installed are Certified or not

Initially, all the anchor point installers are approved by an expert. So after the installation of an anchor point, you will be given a height safety certification immediately. The height safety certification service provider will check the installed safety points and will issue an updated certification.

If you have established the anchor points already, then you should appoint a height safety expert for the inspection after 12 months from the date of installation. This certification procedure is comparatively simple and can be organized and quoted over the phone.

If the height safety technician finds an issue in any anchor point or system, the person will immediately contact the concerned party and offer solutions.

In many cases, this can be done immediately so that no extra visits will be required. Having the latest and updated certificate will enable the employees to access the roof without the requirement for a safety railing to be set up each time.

It also makes sure that all the safety points aren’t oxidized or damaged so that they won’t fail in case of an accident. The certification that height safety certification service provider offers guarantees a safe roof access system and allows workers at heights to be safe and secure.

Ladder Inspections

The height safety certification service provider will perform a ladder check to identify if there is any damage, or signs of wear and tear, and makes sure they are suitable for use so that you can be sure that your employees and contractors are protected.

After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report consisting of a register of your records.

Last Few Words

The pointers mentioned above explain the procedure of certification that a height safety certification service provider conducts typically.

The height safety expert will check if your workplace provides a safe working environment, inspect the roof anchors, check if they are certified or not, and finally offer a certification that will guarantee the safety of your system.

Ladder inspections are done to ensure that they are safe for use and that the employees are protected.

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