How Drinking Pure Water Can Be of Help?

Drinking water will not only quench your thirst but it ensures the proper condition of your body. Numerous health benefits accrue from drinking pure water and let us go through them in detail.

The human body is embedded with a major portion of water. In our body, muscles, or even blood water is present in alarming proportions. Not only for hydration water is necessary but to ensure a proper balance between complex processes like digestion, eradicating toxins, respiration, or cell integration. Aquafresh water purifier service conducts free visits at home to reveal the importance of clean and pure water.

WHO thinks that you should drink 2 liters of water or 8 glasses of water daily? Let us get to the reasons why drinking water is important.

Why Drink Water

You are hydrated

One of the main reasons for fatigue is hydration. A small impact could lead to symptoms like headache, fatigue, or losing the ability to concentrate. By being hydrated you work on your cognitive skills.

Physical performance improves on drinking water

If you are not hydrated it can have an impact on physical performance. Even a small 2 % loss of water could have an impact on your body. Considering the human body has around 80 % of water this is hardly an issue to be surprised.

Protects your respiratory system

Mucous membranes are hydrated by the water that covers your lungs, neck, nose, or bronchi. The chances of developing bacterial or viral infections are reduced which helps you to cope with them faster.

Your brain and heart are protected

The incidence of cardiovascular disorders is reduced drastically by the intake of water.  Drinking water would help heart vessels to pump in blood providing the oxygen required for all blood cells in the human body.

Body temperature is adjusted

In the hot season or during exercise, sweating helps to keep your body cool. If hydration levels are low you end up losing a lot of water and the risk of the body getting heated up emerges.

Your digestive system is benefitted and helps you to maintain an ideal body weight

Drinking water curbs your appetite and your levels of metabolism speed up. Before having food if you drink a glass of water you will be full and eat less than anticipated levels. Drinking water throughout the day is essential and for proper digestion, a balanced diet is called. Gut transit is improved and issues with stomach ulcers, and constipation are reduced.

The timing of drinking water is also important as the best option would be to drink water half an hour before going for meals. A general suggestion would be to drink cold water as the body can use additional calories to heat water on body temperature.

Improves kidney function

Drinking water in required quantities would curb urinary tract infections, and resolve minerals or salts leading to the formation of kidney stones. Urinary stones could make their way into the urinary system. However, there are limited numbers to indicate that drinking water would help the recurrence of kidney diseases. If you drink pure water it helps the stool to pass through the urinary system where the concentration of minerals is diluted.

There are fewer chances to crystallize and form clumps. At an initial stage, water can prevent the formation of stones, though studies have not given their nod of approval.

Helps your muscles or joints

Drinking pure water helps to keep your muscles or joints lubricated. If you are a sportsman it is important to drink water before and after training to avoid spam.

Skin and hair are taken care of

Drinking water helps to dehydrate and reduces elasticity. This makes you look fresh and healthy. Acting as a blood cleanser and a detoxifier, skin issues are prevented at a considerable level.

However, a major challenge is to drink 8 glasses of water daily. If you are disciplined this task might not be that difficult. Do not focus on the amount of water as the quality of water is more important. Drink safe water and get in touch with an aqua guard contact number to find out about water quality in your area.

Helps to curb constipation

Irregular bowel movements and difficult to pass stool with the dreaded symptom of constipation are a nightmare. As part of the treatment procedure drinking, a sufficient amount of water is suggested and evidence points in this direction. Lack of water consumption is the major reason for constipation in young and old. Though carbonated drinks promise relief from constipation, scientific evidence does not highlight much. For an individual who does not drink too much water, the best remedial measure is to increase the quantity of water.

Water eradicated hangovers

Hangover depicts uncomfortable symptoms after a session of drinking. Being a diuretic, you are expected to lose more water as you drinking more water. It can pave the way for dehydration. However, you cannot attribute it to be the main cause of a hangover. Symptoms in the form of dry mouth, fatigue, thirst, or headache can emerge.

One of the best ways to reduce hangovers between drinks is to sip a glass of water between drinks. Before going to bed have a full glass of water. Partial dehydration can occur due to a hangover and drinking water would curb it to a considerable degree.

Lack of drinking water can trigger headaches

In the case of certain individuals, dehydration can trigger migraines and headaches. Numerous studies indicate that drinking water can help to curb dehydration levels to a considerable level. But once again this would boil down to the type of headache you are coping with. A study had a different viewpoint on drinking water and headaches. The frequency did not reduce but intensity or the duration did have an impact. For sure it would help to reduce symptoms in hydrated people.

To conclude drinking pure and clean water is important for the well-being of your health. Sadly most of the water that makes its way into our home is not fit for consumption. Installation of a water purifier system would help.

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