How Expensive Is a Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is perceived in different ways: some see parental happiness in it, others – material gain and even child trafficking. And some are firmly convinced that this is a great sin, a step against the will of God. Isn’t it easier to adopt a child who was abandoned by his parents? Or why can’t a gay couple refer to this option? There are many orphans in Ukraine, Kiev! Here, however, everyone is right in their own way.

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A woman who, having gone through all the circles of medical procedures, long-term expensive treatment, lost hope of becoming a mother, instantly found her. The best surrogacy services are incredible happiness at any price! However, some may look at this with a certain reproach, they say, will have a child on the job: was not on maternity leave, which did not interfere with career growth. And she still did not know what toxicosis and the gestational process is, she did not deny herself anything for nine months, did not ruin her figure, in the end.

Even today, in the age of new medical technologies and innovative methods, cases are quite common when a woman’s reproductive system refuses to fulfill its function of bearing a child, and the most modern methods of treatment are powerless. The way out of the situation in this case can be surrogacy. But this service is not available in all European countries such as Ireland.

How to Become a Surrogate Mother?

To get detailed advice on how to participate in the World Center of Baby program, simply fill out the form on the clinic’s website. The managers will contact you and conduct a full consultation, help you with all doubts and answer all questions. Or you can call the perfect World Center of Baby clinic yourself during business hours at the specified phone number.

Some women worry that surrogacy is a process when a woman gives her child to strangers. The main thing you should know about surrogacy is that this is impossible. Never, under any circumstances.

The surrogate mother is carrying the child of other people. The egg and sperm of the infertile couple are combined in the laboratory. Then the fertilized egg is grown to a viable state and implanted in the body of a surrogate mother. You can read more about surrogacy solutions on the forum. So the surrogate mother has nothing to do with this child. Moreover: the use of the genetic material of a surrogate mother is prohibited at any cost by the law of Ukraine. In cases where an infertile couple cannot provide their sex cells, an anonymous sperm and egg donor database is used.

How is a surrogate pregnancy going? – This is a pregnancy that proceeds in exactly the same way as usual. So, if you easily gave birth to your own baby, you will not have problems with this pregnancy, because it is no different except for the process of conception.

Our surrogate mother agency takes care of women who participate in the program. Our surrogacy agency is responsible for surrogate mothers and helps to reduce all risks to a minimum. In Ukraine, the surrogacy procedure is completely legal and regulated by articles of the Family Code. So you can be sure that you are protected and that all rights are respected.

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