How Hard is it to Count Cards in Blackjack?

Blackjack has been popular among fans of gambling for a long time. The card game is simple, and the probability of winning is quite high. Blackjack is dynamic and has simple rules that a player can understand and remember in a few minutes, and the ability to use certain strategies will help you become the owner of a cash prize quite quickly.

Do not forget that blackjack is gambling entertainment, and fans of this way of spending time should be extremely careful. Before you start the game, you need to make sure that you understand the rules and can make decisions about certain manipulations independently. The right decision would be to get acquainted with the strategies offered by professional gamers.

Since blackjack is casino entertainment, the so-called long distances with winnings almost always turn out to be a virtual institution. To protect yourself and increase your chances of winning, you should learn how to count cards in the game.

Systems designed for counting cards in the game of blackjack

Before you start making bets in blackjack, you need to study the rules and features of the game carefully. In the case of several cards being dealt simultaneously from a deck, the client of the virtual platform has a great advantage. The point is that the player can determine the approximate number of cards remaining in the deck. If the number of high cards is large, the probability of winning increases significantly. If only small cards remain in the deck, the virtual platform gains an advantage.

How are cards counted in blackjack? Most often, experienced players use one of two main systems:

  • plus or minus,
  • halves.

In the plus-minus system, special attention must be paid to open cards; an individual value must be assigned to each of them and then added to the previous ones. The probability of the player’s winning depends on the height of the current value.

The “half” system is considered to be more complex. In this case, the calculation is carried out with half numbers, and not with integers. To simplify the calculation, you can multiply each value by two. This way is easier and more understandable.

How does the casino react to card counting?

The main goal of the casino is to get as much money as possible from the client. And, of course, the attitude towards guests who know how to count cards is not quite positive. In other words, the casino takes them for scammers.

How does a casino deal with players who know how to count cards? One of the most common ways is to use more than one deck. That is, the more cards, the greater the chance that the casino will remain in the black.

Restricted access to the game is another way for casinos to combat players who count cards. It should be noted that guests of the gambling establishment are monitored thoroughly. If a client wins at a certain table, or the winnings occur systematically, the security service has the right to restrict access to the game without further explanation for such a decision.

Using a device such as a shuffle machine makes card counting much more difficult. This device is used to shuffle cards. Consequently, it will be difficult for the player to make calculations and turn the game in a favorable direction.

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What is the advantage of card counting in blackjack?

Quite often on specialized forums, you can see disputes about how much card counting in blackjack helps you win. Here are the results of a survey of professional gamers:

PlayerProbability of winning
Gambling fan with little experience45%
A player who uses tables and strategies49.5%
Professional player making calculations51%

Today, blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games. This entertainment is chosen not only by experienced players but also by beginners who have previously had no experience playing cards in online casinos. According to professionals, blackjack is a game where the probability of winning is quite high, but the user needs to learn how to use certain tactics, that as counting cards.

Is it possible to learn card counting quickly? If you plan to play blackjack for real money, you will have to spend a great deal of time to make sense of the calculation. The calculation methods are not so complicated, so both experienced gamers and beginners can understand the essence of it.

Recommendations from experienced players

Would you like to try your luck in blackjack? Take into account the following recommendations from experienced players:

  • Start counting when the deck is shuffled by the dealer.
  • If you play in a live casino, follow the requirements of the dealer. Have you been asked to leave the game for a certain time, without explaining the reason? There is no need to resist. You can wait a few minutes and then return to the game again.
  • First, keep track of the aces in the deck. If you have learned how to count cards, this information will help you win much more quickly.

Blackjack is an interesting and exciting game that draws the attention of many gambling fans. When playing blackjack, players use various tactics and strategies that help increase their chances to win several times. By learning how to count cards, you can also win money much faster.

Browse information on the Internet in specialized forums, communicate with experienced gamers, and play demo versions on proven virtual platforms, and you are sure to become a blackjack professional in no time.

Counting cards in the game of blackjack will help players get their winnings much faster without losing large sums of money. You can learn to count in a short period of time; all you need is desire and perseverance.

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