How Has Technology Evolved The Marketing World?

Imagine having to go through several paper flyers before buying a pair of shoes. Consider receiving physical mail regarding information of a new book, or an application. All of this sounds pretty daunting to our technologically developed human mind, right? Long gone are those times where people used to ride on horses and circulate data like this.

Now, we see advertisements popping up on our mobile phones and televisions. Every other business is marketing through emails, newsletters, online blogs, articles, and whatnot. Digital marketing has become highly prevalent today due to the blessing of technology.

Technology in marketing involves the use of the Internet, social media, mobile phones, televisions, and customer care or Human Resource management systems to promote a company’s products or services. Technology has changed the way we think and operate, mainly in the corporate sector. Companies now use mailing lists, lead management systems, advertisements on social media, ratings, and reviews by customers, e-bill and online pre-booking, and many other services.


Businesses now prefer to communicate online rather than going door to door or giving ads in newspapers. They tend to create websites where potential customers can surf any time and acquire any information they want. Let’s discuss some of the ways technology has specifically boosted marketing:

  1. Introduction of lead magnets: Lead magnets are marketing tools used by globalized companies nowadays. It involves giving the customer or your website viewer little perks if they provide you with their email address or subscribe to your newsletter. It helps companies to build up their mailing list. Then, they can easily send their discount offers, deals, information about new products, and services via email to a large number of audiences.

The most common perks offered by businesses to users include a free ebook download, minimal discount codes or vouchers, free subscription to some paid content or videos, etc. All of this stuff usually costs nothing to the company, but it is an effective way to attract prospective buyers. There are multiple types of lead magnets; some include quizzes, cheat sheets, free templates, etc.


  1. Promotion of immediate sales: We often come across many options, even when shopping online. Some E-commerce websites offer discounts if you buy their offering within a specified period, while some provide specific discounts if you buy their product for the first time. It is a way of attracting the customer and forcing him to make a quicker decision indirectly. This marketing way of trapping the consumer in the bubble of time is proving to be extremely useful. It affects both the parties positively. Customers get products for a lower price, and companies see a surge in their revenue and profits, allowing them to expand and grow.


  1. Upgrade of Communication: Communication is vital for every business or company in the corporate sector. Almost every formal organization has an online website now. On their website, they have this particular function of ‘chat’ where customers can ask any questions and get them answered in minutes. Most companies have a live chat feature in their working hours, and some even offer this option 24/7 too. This way, a customer leaves your website satisfied whether or not he bought something. He does not have to wait for an email reply or a text message.

It is the revolution we are talking about! Technology has allowed us to know about anything in just a matter of seconds. Through the launch of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, even international calls can be made free of cost, and companies can communicate with their customers wherever they want, vice versa.


  1. More focus on Data Analysis software: Companies tend to use software that tracks specific relevant data and gives analysis. This data could include customer visits, lead managements, personal preferences through surveys, etc. They can then analyze data through graphs or charts. Accordingly, you can implement policies and changes to improve services and personalize them as per customers’ preferences.

It has become remarkably convenient for companies to get customers’ reviews by letting them submit an anonymous Google survey, and receive a better insight into what people think.


Final Words

Data creation and analysis has become more accessible; the advertisement industry is flourishing; people save time and money; customers are more aware – the list for the advantages of technology goes on and on. We are now efficient more than ever, with the world right on our fingertips. It takes seconds to schedule a flight or make a hotel booking. All thanks to technology, because it has shaped the marketing sector in a completely new way. If you are running a business, then you must consider making full use of technology in your marketing techniques. Have a look above to see the right use of technology to boost your sales.

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