How I Fixed A Corrupt Video in Minutes

A few days back I decided to revisit my old beautiful memories. I discovered a pen drive lying in my wallet which contained the videos of my 6-year-old wedding. And what happened next brought me on the verge of tears. My wedding videos refused to play. Repeatedly the same ‘can’t play video’ message kept popping up.

To be honest, I panicked a bit. I started searching the Web for the potential causes of damage and MP4 fix methods. And in the process, I learned a lot about MP4 files. Do you know, video corruption is extremely common nowadays! The good news is that there is a super-easy way of repairing MP4 files and believe me, it will take no more than a few minutes.


How to fix corrupted video files MP4?

I decided to try a digital video repair mac tool to fix my corrupted file. The results were truly impressive. Neglecting the type of error and the cause of corruption, repair tools can significantly help you in MP4 repair.

While you are looking for a digital repair software, let me give you a slight warning. You must never opt for the substandard ones. They profess their success, but truth be told, that’s hardly the case.


Wondershare Video Repair Tool by Recoverit

My hunt for a suitable repair tool came to an end with the Wondershare Video repair tool. This is possibly the best method to fix MP4 files. It hardly cost me minutes in solving all my corruption issues. The results I got were fabulous. Wondershare, Kernel Video Repair is fully able to look into complex matters such as missing frame, slider movement, audio and video syncing, and distorted sound.

It even supports a wide range of file formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, MTS, etc. What’s more, compatible with all the major operating systems including Windows and MacOS.

Even if your file is extensively damaged, you can be certain that Wondershare will take care of it. It has an advanced video repair option with the help of which you can fix corrupted MP4 files until you are satisfied.


Repair MP4 video files freeware

While I was searching for MP4 video repair methods, I also stumbled upon VLC. I have used VLC media player quite a few times, but I had no clue that it is capable of repairing MP4 files as well!

I also did a brief search on the VLC media player. VLC is one of the best open-source platforms used all over the world. This automated video repair software can fix all corruption problems of files in an AVI format. It also allows you to perform the file conversion.

Isn’t it completely hassle-free! The next time you stumble upon a corrupted file, you can blindly rely on VLC. Sit back and relax while VLC is on repair MP4 file action.

If your broken video is still giving you headaches, you can refer to repair corrupted MP4 files.


What brings corruption in video files?

I always assumed that video and picture files are the simplest form of media. Well, now I know that’s hardly true! The MP4 files have an intricate internal architecture. Several separate media elements such as audio, picture, and subtitles are integrated together using unique encoding techniques. This complexity makes them more susceptible to corruption.

I learned that mishandling a video file is the most common reason behind corruption. It’s true that to fix corrupt MP4 files is not so difficult with the help of a repair MP4 tool, it is better to know which factors may trigger a playback error. Here are the most common reasons behind MP4 video corruption.


  1. Abrupt power failures

A sudden power loss may turn your file corrupt. If a video is being played or transferred when your device unexpectedly shuts down, a part of the file may get lost.

You must also take care while manually turning off your device. There must be some solid reason behind all operating systems providing a shutdown button. When you forcibly shut down your machine, you may end up corrupting your videos.


  1. Incompatible format and codecs

If your media player doesn’t support your MP4s format, there is no chance your video will play. Either you can change your file’s format to the one which is supported by your media player, or you swap your media player for a more capable one.

Incompatible audio and video codecs may also trigger an error. You could install the missing codecs to your system to get it working. Using a different media player may also be helpful here.


  1. Broken hard disk

A computer takes our file and breaks it into several small chunks. These chunks are stored all over the hard disk. Though this is an excellent use of memory space, it essentially means that even a small bad sector on your hard disk may corrupt the entire file.


Formatting the hard disk frequently is a good practice to avoid such corruption issues. Sure, you would have to maintain a memory back up but every time you format, your hard disk will be as good as new. After all, keeping a backup is a lot simpler than repairing MP4s, right?

I hope that the above reasons will help you avoid video file corruption in the future.

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