How JC Students In Singapore Can Score Better In GP Exams

General Paper, or GP in short is one of the tougher subjects for students in Singapore to score well during their A-level examinations.

However, scoring well in GP is essential if a student wants to enter a good course in a good university thereafter.

Here are some of how JC students in Singapore can score better at their General Paper examinations.

First of all, a JC student can get GP tuition from an accomplished private GP tutor. Every student in the school would have access to the same MOE school teacher in Singapore.

Since grades in Singapore are marked on a bell curve, it means that for a JC student to score well in GP, he or she needs to not just score well in absolute marks, but better than his or her peers.

Therefore, a JC student will need to know and do things that are above and beyond that of other classmates and schoolmates to score well enough during the A-level GP examinations.

Hiring and learning from a private General Paper tuition teacher in Singapore is one of the ways a JC student can perform well.

Private tutoring for the subject of General Paper by a private GP tuition teacher can fill in the knowledge gaps that a particular JC student may not have gotten from just studying in a formal MOE school in Singapore.

Second of all, JC students in Singapore should pick several topics to specialize in for the GP subject. This is because it is nearly impossible to learn every single topic or theme possible.

It is much better to pick several themes or topics that you are very good at, specialize in, and be the best at them. Be sure you like the theme or topic you choose while choosing it.

Consider one that is relevant to your interest. When completing General Paper exams, it is advised that you broaden your horizons because you cannot simply stick to one subject for all of your General Paper tests. Become an expert in several fields to truly excel in the GP exams.

Third of all, you should read very widely about the topics you choose to specialize in. Once you have decided which themes to concentrate on, study them and make notes so that you are informed of the various events that are influencing the subject.

Consider the effects that these events had on your topic in addition to the events’ sequence. Make notes as you learn more about your chosen area of specialization so you can recall the details that shaped the situation.

Fourth of all, you should be reading sample GP essays. By doing this, you can get a sense of how to write an essay and what is expected of you on tests by reading previous General Paper essays.

Make a note of the significant words and points presented as you examine these examples. Look at the way the author used remarks as quotations or used crucial information to clarify the subject.

Fifth of all, you should prepare GP essay outlines. If you examine previous GP essays, you will notice that they all follow a similar style of writing. This shows that they used a plan to arrange their arguments.

Check your readings and conduct extra research before creating your essay outlines. Of course, you should not simply base your outline on the essay questions you believe will be asked.

When you begin creating the outlines, you will be able to tell if you have a solid understanding of your subject and if you can fill it up adequately without much assistance.

Last but not least, to score better in the General Paper exams in Singapore, you can practice writing GP essays with a self-imposed time limit. One of the most effective methods of essay preparation is to practice writing GP essays with a time limit. The length should be similar to how long the actual GP exam is.

When you put yourself under such pressure during practice time and if you manage to perform well, you will find it much easier to succeed during the actual levels of General Paper exams in Singapore.

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